Arboretum Advisory Committee


The Barnes Arboretum
The Barnes Foundation

A committee of the Barnes's Board of Trustees, the Arboretum Advisory Committee works in partnership with the Foundation to plan for the future of the Arboretum and horticulture education in Merion. Itsgoal is to revitalize and maintain the Arboretum for future generations of students, families, neighbors, and garden enthusiasts to enjoy.

The Arboretum Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders in horticulture, education, development, and finance from peer institutions across Philadelphia and the region. Along with members of the community, students, faculty, and alumni, the Committee has focused its work on areas of critical need including education, collections and grounds, fundraising, community outreach, and the Alumni Association.

2011-12 Arboretum Advisory Committee Members

Cricket Brien, Chair

Robert Butera, Vice Chair

The Honorable Jacqueline F. Allen

Elizabeth Belk

Jacki Delaney

Melissa A. DeRuiter

Scott Feuer

John Gatti

Brian A. Gordon, Esq.

Stephen J. Harmelin, Esq.

Gay H. Kimelman

Chela R. Kleiber

Ranney Moran

Steve Mostardi

Karen S. Nakahara

Phran Novelli

Marilyn Sifford

Deborah Satya Starr

Joseph T. Steuer

Harold E. Sweetman, PhD

Dr. Brice R. Wachterhauser

Gladys Willis

Lisa Yang


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