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Collection Summary

Repository: The Barnes Foundation
Creator: Fogg, John Milton, 1898-1982
Title: John Milton Fogg Papers
Dates: 1931-1982
Extent: 3 linear feet
Abstract: This collection consists of correspondence, writings, research, and materials related to tours, written and collected by Dr. John Milton Fogg, Jr., botanist, University of Pennsylvania professor, Dean, and Vice Provost, director of the Morris Arboretum, instructor at the Arboretum School of the Barnes Foundation, and director of the Barnes Foundation Arboretum.
Code: JMF
Language: This collection is primarily in English with some French.

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[Description of item], [date]. Arboretum, Directors' Files, John Milton Fogg Papers. The Barnes Foundation Archives, Merion, Pennsylvania. Reprinted with permission.

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These records were housed in filing cabinets in the Arboretum House of the Barnes Foundation prior to processing.

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Holly Frisbee. Finding aid written by Holly Frisbee, March 2009.

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Biographical Note

John Milton Fogg, Jr. (1898-1982) was born on November 8 at 1707 Arch Street in Philadelphia, in the house where his father and grandfather practiced dentistry. The Fogg family later moved to the suburb of Oak Lane, where Fogg attended Germantown High School and developed an interest in rose gardening. He enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry, but a trip to Florida convinced him of his passion for plants. Fogg was awarded a Jessop Fellowship, which allowed him to study botany at the University of Pennsylvania and work part time at the Academy of Natural Sciences Herbarium. In the summer of 1923, Fogg served as teaching assistant for a botany course in the Elizabeth Islands of Massachusetts. Fogg spent the summer documenting the flora of the area, and published his first paper on the subject in 1924. In 1925, Fogg received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and began to focus on research and taxonomy, traveling to British Columbia and Newfoundland. Hired as an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, Fogg worked with Bayard Long to classify the plants of the western New Jersey Shore. In 1927 he enrolled in the doctorate program at Harvard University and, in 1929, published his dissertation, Flora of the Elizabeth Islands. He married Helen Biggs the following year and the couple later had two daughters.

In 1934, the University of Pennsylvania acquired the Morris Arboretum and hired Dr. Fogg to survey and identify its plantings. The following year, Fogg and fellow University of Pennsylvania professor Edgar T. Wherry were approached to survey the complete flora of Pennsylvania, a task that would consume much of their careers. In 1940, Laura L. Barnes solicited Fogg’s help with the establishment of a horticulture school at the Barnes Foundation in Merion. Fogg helped Mrs. Barnes organize a curriculum for the program and suggested lecturers. In 1940, he became the school’s first instructor of botany. In 1941, Dr. Fogg was appointed Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and, in 1944, Vice Provost of the University of Pennsylvania, a post he held until 1953. The following year Fogg began consulting for the pharmaceutical company, E.R. Squibb & Sons, and over the next three years traveled in India, Burma, and Thailand researching medicinal plants. Fogg was named director of the Morris Arboretum in 1959. It was around this time that his research turned to magnolias, and he was eventually named International Registrar for magnolias in 1964. That same year, Dr. and Mrs. Fogg led a group of students and teachers from the Morris and Barnes Arboretums on a horticulture tour of Europe. The Foggs would conduct seventeen such botanical tours in their remaining years, traveling to Mexico, Asia, Africa, and across the United States.

Upon Laura L. Barnes’s death in 1966, Dr. Fogg was appointed Director of the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation. As director, Fogg assembled several important living collections including magnolias, cotoneasters, heath, and vines. Focused on creating teaching and learning opportunities on the grounds, Fogg created rock and shrub gardens, a rose garden arranged by subfamily, and an area for the exploration of soil content. He expanded the arboretum’s horticulture library to include books on botany and flora surveys, and assembled a 9,000-specimen herbarium from his own collections and through exchanges with colleagues. Fogg wrote and published dozens of books and articles on a range of subjects, including Weeds of Lawn and Garden in 1945 and the Checklist of Cultivated Magnolias in 1975. In 1970 and 1975 he published revised editions of the Checklist of the Woody Plants at the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation, first assembled in 1945. In 1978, he co-founded the American Magnolia Society. The Atlas of the Flora of Pennsylvania was published in 1979 with co-authors Edgar T. Wherry and Herbert A. Wahl. That same year, Dr. Fogg retired as arboretum director, although he continued to teach classes. He died in 1982 at the age of 83.

Van Atta, Burr. Philadelphia Inquirer, Obituaries. Oct. 13, 1982.
Fogg, John Milton. Reminiscences of a Botanist. Newtown Square, Pa: Harrowood Books, 1982.
Letters, John M. Fogg with Laura L. Barnes. Arboretum, Directors’ Files, John Milton Fogg Papers. The Barnes Foundation Archives, Merion, PA.
Personal Information about John M. Fogg. Arboretum, Directors’ Files, John Milton Fogg Papers. The Barnes Foundation. Archives, Merion, PA.

Scope and Content

This collection ranges in date from 1931 to 1982, and consists of correspondence, writings, research, and materials related to tours, written and collected by Dr. John Milton Fogg, Jr., botanist, University of Pennsylvania professor (1925-1966), Dean (1941-1944), and Vice Provost (1944-1953), instructor at the Arboretum School of the Barnes Foundation (1940-1979), director of the Morris Arboretum (1959-1966), and director of the Barnes Foundation Arboretum (1966-1979).

The correspondence series consists primarily of letters from Dr. Fogg’s tenure as Director of the Barnes Foundation Arboretum, and includes correspondence with nurseries, colleagues, various botanical organizations, and students from 1938-1982. Subjects include plant purchases and exchanges, taxonomy, publications, and travel. Earlier material focuses on research projects, such as the flora surveys of Pennsylvania and western New Jersey, and medicinal plant research conducted for E.R. Squibb & Sons.

The writings series includes completed works, research notes, and teaching materials, created by Dr. Fogg and his colleagues from 1931-1965. Completed works are primarily reprints from journals or typescript originals with corrections, while Dr. Fogg’s research and teaching notes are generally in manuscript. Subjects include hollies, Rauwolfia (snakeroot), paleobotany, woody plants, and weeds.

During Dr. Fogg’s tenure as director of the Morris and Barnes Foundation Arboretums he led a series of group botanical tours for students and colleagues. The materials from these tours are collected in the series “Tours,” and date from 1966-1977. The series includes correspondence with hotels, sites, and colleagues abroad, brochures and maps, photographs, itineraries, and travel documents. Fourteen of the Foggs’ seventeen tours to Europe, Asia, Africa, and across the United States are represented here.

Assorted materials, including resumés and recommendations from colleagues, student information, newspaper clippings, and newsletters, are collected in the miscellaneous series. This series dates from 1949-1967.

Subject Terms

Personal Names:

Barnes, Laura L., 1875-1966
Dudley, T. R. (Theodore R.)
Ewan, Joseph Andorfer
Fogg, John Milton, 1898-1982
Howard, Richard A. (Richard Alden)
Wherry, Edgar Theodore, 1885-1982


Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Arnold Arboretum
Barnes Foundation
Barnes Foundation. Arboretum
E.R. Squibb & Sons
University of Pennsylvania. Morris Arboretum


Arboretums – Pennsylvania – Merion


Lower Merion (Pa. : Township)
Merion (Pa.)

Form and Genre Terms:



The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series I. Correspondence
Dates: 1938-1982
Extent: 2 linear feet
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent name.
Folder Title Date Extent Folder Notes
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Herbarium 1938-1975 1 Folder Includes correspondence with John W. Braxton, Bernard Boivin, and Bayard Long.
Adams, Joseph W. 1977-1978 1 Folder Includes newspaper clippings regarding ginseng bootlegging and a Daily Pennsylvanian article titled "Feds Nab Morris Arboretum Dope Farmers."
Alfred Teufel Nursery 1974 1 Folder Contains a letter from Elizabeth B. Wheeler Mitchell to Alfred Teufel Nursery.
Allen, R. C. 1978 1 Folder
Allison, Patricia 1979 1 Folder Regarding possible diseases of the Highbush blueberry.
American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboretums 1968-1976 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Francis De Vos, Richard A. Brown, and Gary L. Koller as well as a letter from Brian O. Mulligan to Dr. Francis De Vos. Letters discuss general business of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboretums and the American Horticultural Society.
American Association of Nurserymen 1978-1979 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Ray Brush, and newsletters from the National Landscape Association and Wholesale Nursery Growers of America.
American Horticultural Society 1974-1975 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Richard A. Brown and a newsletter from the Plant Records Center of the American Horticultural Society regarding plant cataloging practices.
American Magnolia Society 1978-1980 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Joseph C. McDaniel, Dr. Richard A. Howard, Stephen A. Spongberg, Richard B. Figlar, Gary L. Koller, and Harold Hopkins. Also includes the society's annual report, financial reports, and membership reports.
American Philosophical Society 1940-1951 1 Folder Letter from Marie Richards of the American Philosophical Society regarding a Hui-lin Li manuscript. Also includes reports prepared by Dr. Fogg for the American Philosophical Society's Committee on Education and Participation in Science.
Anderson, William R. 1977-1979 1 Folder Includes a reprint of Anderson's article "Mcvaughia, A New Genus of Malpighaiceae from Brazil," from Taxon (April 1979).
Atha, Antony 1981 1 Folder Regarding an American publisher for The Book of Magnolias, by Marjorie Blamey.
Appalachian Nurseries 1972-1977 3 Folders Includes invoices and catalogs of available plants. Includes correspondence with W. J. Billerbeck, Tom McCloud, and Elizabeth Wheeler Mitchell.
Arbegast, Mai K. 1975 1 Folder Regarding advice for the formation of a horticulture program.
Arnold Arboretum 1939-1980 3 Folders Includes correspondence with Alfred Rehder and Richard A. Howard of the Arnold Arboretum, W. Appleton Lawrence, Janet L. Bowen, Dean McGeorge Bundy, H. Bradford Washburn, Jr., Augustin H. Parker, and Michael Canoso. Also includes third party correspondence from Donald Wyman, Clarence Emmeren Kobuski, Karl Sax, I. W. Bailey, Lincoln Constance, Lyman B. Smith, Robert E. Woodson, Jr., Aaron J. Sharp, and Bernice Schubert, regarding the appointment of Dr. Carrol E. Wood to the Arnold Arboretum staff. Also includes Dr. Fogg's certificates of membership in the Committee to Visit the Arnold Arboretum, membership lists, and an Arnold Arboretum collection inventory from 1977.
Association for the Arnold Arboretum 1953-1957 2 Folders Contains correspondence, publications, and reports regarding a court case between Harvard University and the Arnold Arboretum. Includes correspondence from Thomas V. Rankin, Ivan M. Johnston, Henry Francis du Pont, Henry T. Skinner, and Endicott Peabody.
Barad, Jerry 1978 1 Folder Regarding the Newsletter of the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation.
Barnes, Laura L. 1940-1961 4 Folders Contains a discussion of horticulture curriculum and botany course descriptions for the Arboretum School, and mentions landscape work at Ker-Feal. Includes United States Department of Agriculture Plant Pest Control Division list of barberries resistant to Black Stem Rust. Includes correspondence with A. H. Alexander, W. H. Wheeler, and Gertrude Wister.
Baumgardt, John Philip 1975-1979 2 Folders Regarding Fogg's trip to Missouri, Baumgardt's trip to Philadelphia, and an exchange of seeds from prairie plants.
Benjamin, Els 1976 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Elizabeth B. Wheeler Mitchell and Elizabeth B. Farley.
Berd, Morris 1978 1 Folder
Betz, Margaret 1979 1 Folder Regarding a group visiting the Barnes Foundation from Brandeis University.
Beyer, Audrey 1976 1 Folder Regarding plant suggestions for Audrey Beyer's garden.
Blake, S. F. (Sidney Fay) 1939 1 Folder Discusses the spread of Tussilago farfara via the Susquehanna River.
Botanic Garden of Smith College 1976 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Gregory D. Armstrong regarding intergeneric hybridization.
Bousman, Merrill 1975 1 Folder Discussion of disease in ash trees.
Breyer, Margarit M. 1979 1 Folder
Brimfield Nurseries 1971-1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with W. Marshall.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1969-1975 1 Folder Includes detailed plant descriptions.
Brown, Allen H. 1966 1 Folder Addresses concerns about Dr. Fogg's ability to manage duties at the University of Pennsylvania while taking over as director of the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation.
Brumbach, William C. 1977-1980 1 Folder Discusses Brumbach's survey of plants of the Florida Keys.
Byers Nursery Company 1975 1 Folder Includes correspondence with David Byers.
Campbell, William 1976 1 Folder
Cannon, George D. 1977 1 Folder Regarding a visit to Ker-Feal by the Lincoln University trustees.
Carroll Gardens 1971 1 Folder
Charles E. Ellis School for Girls 1974 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Mrs. Vera I. Curtiss, librarian of the Ellis School, as well as third party correspondence between Josephine W. Johns and Harry A. McNichol regarding the closure of the Ellis School and the care of its arboretum.
Charles Fiore Nurseries 1968-1974 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Alfred L. Fiore.
Chen, Huang 1975 1 Folder Requesting permission to lead a Barnes Foundation tour to China.
Clausen, Robert T. (Robert Theodore) 1979 1 Folder
Clay, Keith 1978 1 Folder Regarding research on the species Danthonia.
Cleaves, Leila 1979 1 Folder Requesting the identification of specimens.
Cole Nursery Company 1974-1976 1 Folder Includes correspondence with William H. Collins and R. S. Warren of Cole Nursery Company.
Coon, Nelson 1974-1978 1 Folder Primarily regarding the movement to save Gay Head, Massachusetts.
Corbit, Dorothy 1975 1 Folder
Core, Earl Lemley 1972-1973 1 Folder Regarding Core's book, Flora of West Virginia, and obtaining specimens for Edgar T. Wherry.
Cornwall, Kirkham 1969 1 Folder
Correll, Donovan Stewart 1970 1 Folder Regarding the Manual of Texas Plants.
Corson, Florence S. 1974 1 Folder
Costello, Katherine 1972 1 Folder
Cowan, Richard S. 1973 1 Folder Regarding the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation's membership in the International Association of Plant Taxonomy.
Creech, J. L. (John Lewis) 1977 1 Folder Regarding Creech's lecture at the Barnes Foundation, "Plants of the Far East." Includes correspondence with Doris M. Thibodo.
Cross, James E. 1972 1 Folder Regarding the transfer of plant specimens
Crosswhite, Frank S. 1975-1978 1 Folder Regarding the transfer of plant specimens. Includes a list of seeds available from the Thompson Southwestern Arboretum of the University of Arizona.
Cutak, Ladislaus 1969-1972 1 Folder Regarding Dr. Cutak's lecture at the Barnes Foundation, "Exotic Plants of the World."
Dawson, Muir 1978 1 Folder Regarding the sale of Mrs. Barnes's Japanese books on botany.
Dilatush, Thomas 1977-1978 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Elizabeth B. Farley regarding plant species and identification.
Dodd, Tom 1968-1976 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Dodd, Col. William 1971-1973 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Dudley, T. R. (Theodore R.) 1965-1978 6 Folders Includes notes on Dr. Fogg's maple key, and correspondence with Edward Murray, A. Orville Dahl, and C. P. Mann.
Dutch Mountain Nursery 1971-1977 1 Folder
Edward R. Bachtle and Associates 1976 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Edward R. Bachtle.
Elbert, George 1973-1978 1 Folder Regarding Elbert's trip to Philadelphia and lecture on "Growing plants indoors" at the Barnes Foundation.
Emerson, Barbara H. 1975-1978 1 Folder Includes a photocopy from Kingsbury's "Poisonous Plants of the US and Canada." Contains correspondence with H. A. Erskine.
E.R. Squibb & Sons 1956-1962 2 Folders Includes correspondence with Lawrence B. Hobson, Geoffrey W. Rake, Santiago Castro Estrada, Oskar Wintersteiner, R. B. Edwards, Robert H. Miller, S. R. Bonanno, Henrique Silva, V. Deulefeu, L. Unzueta, and Richard C. Mantz. Includes Fogg's notes on the medicinal plants of Mexico, excerpts from papers on alkaloids and steroids, "Important Drug Plants of Mexico," and research on Rauwolfia.
E.R. Squibb & Sons de Mexico 1955-1963 3 Folders Primarily contains correspondence with Santiago Castro Estrada. Includes correspondence with Janet L. Brown, Ramon Riba, Geoffrey W. Rake, Manuel I. Fierro, C. L. Kroll, W. L. Koeber, and Dr. Peter Allison, regarding E.R. Squibb's nurseries in Mexico and the growing of Rauwolfia. Includes field reports from Ramon Riba's sample collecting.
Everett, Thomas H. 1976 1 Folder
Ewan, Joseph Andorfer 1970-1979 4 Folders Includes a bibliography on plant collecting, a newsclipping titled "Dr. Ewan Given Chair of Botany," American Association for the Advancement of Science Symposium summary, discussion of books, and correspondence regarding Dr. Ewan's trip to Philadelphia to teach a series at the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation. Includes correspondence with Harold J. Conn, Elizabeth B. Farley, and John E. Black, Jr.
F.D. Moore & Sons 1972 1 Folder
Fernald, M. L. (Merritt Lyndon) 1938 1 Folder Regarding Fernald's trip to Philadelphia for a Franklin Institute program.
Flemer, William, Jr. 1971 1 Folder
Fosberg, F. Raymond (Francis Raymond) 1982 1 Folder Discusses the death of Dr. Edgar T. Wherry.
Friends of the Wissahickon 1960-1975 2 Folders Includes two copies of "Report on the Flora and Soils of the Wissahickon Valley Including Areas in Montgomery County," one annotated. Also includes correspondence regarding the bequest of Charlotte S. Meigs, and third party correspondence between Frederick H. Levis, Harold D. Saylor, F. Markoe Rivinus, and Theodore H. Davis.
Funsch, Robert W. 1981-1982 1 Folder Regarding the mailing of plant specimens to Funsch for his research.
Greer Gardens 1975 1 Folder
Gosslar Farms Nursery 1970-1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with James Gosslar.
Greuter, W. 1978 1 Folder Includes information on the Cretan Date Palm.
Grootendorst Nurseries 1976 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Theo C. J. Grootendorst.
Hall, Elizabeth Cornelia 1974-1978 2 Folders Regarding serveral lectures Hall gave at the Barnes Foundation in 1974 and 1975. Includes correspondence with James E. Sax.
Harper, Pamela 1976-1978 1 Folder Regarding Harper's letter in American Horticulturalist (spring 1976).
Heatherfels Nursery 1970 1 Folder
Hedberg, Olov 1978 1 Folder
Heeps, Angus Paxton 1975-1977 1 Folder Regarding Heeps' move to Georgia, and obtaining seeds from Edgar T. Wherry and the Henry Foundation.
Henderson, D. M. (Douglas M.) 1974 1 Folder Regarding the third edition of the International Directory of Botanical Gardens.
Henry, Josephine DeN. 1977 1 Folder Regarding plant identification.
Hesler, L. R. (Lexemuel Ray) 1975 1 Folder Regarding a biographical sketch on Dr. Jacob R. Schramm.
Hess' Nurseries 1969-1978 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Hans Hess, C. W. M. Hess, and Elizabeth B. Wheeler Mitchell.
Hetzer, Edward 1976 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Hillier & Sons 1974-1975 1 Folder
Hines Wholesale Nurseries 1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Carl Bell.
Holden Arboretum 1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Peter W. Bristol regarding the distribution of American mountain ash.
Hollyman Nurseries 1972 1 Folder Includes correspondence with William C. Judd.
Hopkins, Harold C. 1971-1979 3 Folders Regarding plant exchanges. Includes correspondence with Carl Amason, Chris Brickell, and Elizabeth B. Farley.
Correspondence regarding Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park 1951 1 Folder Includes "A Report on the Rehabilitation of Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia." Includes correspondence with W. H. Camp, Richard D. Wood, Harold Edward Stassen, and Jay Cook.
Howard, Richard A. (Richard Alden) 1967-1978 5 Folders Regarding plant exchanges.
Correspondence regarding India Trip 1954 1 Folder Regarding Fogg's trip to India for E.R. Squibb & Sons. Includes correspondence with H. Santapau, Capt. R. T. Samarawira, F. Monk, B. B. Rai, F. R. Bharucha, Father H. Santapau, The Honorable Homi J. H. Taleyarkan, B. G. L. Swamy, K. G. Hegde, F. R. Grenyer, K. V. Sheney, S. R. Bose, S. B. Nileshwar, S. Mahopol, K. Biswas, T. R. Narayanan, and B. M. Johri, and third party correspondence between H. P. Maiti and Morris S. Viteles.
Institute for Humanistic Studies 1955-1960 2 Folders Includes correspondence with Dr. Paul B. Sears, George Washington Corner, William Rex Crawford, I. Bernard Cohen, Harlow Shapley, W. H. Camp, C. F. Peters, Ralph Waldo Gerard, Seymour Kety, Ernst Mayr, James G. Fowler, Gloria Gossling, Kirtley F. Mather, Jane Marion Oppenheimer, Keith R. Poter, Russell J. Siebert, Dr. W. H. Hodge, A. R. Brooks and Janet L. Bowen. Regarding a lecture and course series hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. Includes lecture schedules and course descriptions.
John Bartram Association 1976-1979 2 Folders Contains annual reports, minutes of the board, newsletters, and financial reports of the association. Includes correspondence from Betty Bartram, Carol R. Lynch, and Margaret Whitall Evans.
John Vermeulen & Son 1971 1 Folder Includes correspondence with John and J. Peter Vermeulen.
Kelly Brothers Nurseries 1971 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Bernhardt Lang.
Kingsville Nurseries 1971 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Henry J. Hohman.
Kistler, Anita 1975 1 Folder
Klein, William M. 1975 1 Folder Regarding Dr. Fogg's biographical sketch of Dr. Edgar T. Wherry. Includes correspondence with Richard Cowan.
Kulago, Walter A. 1974 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Lafayette Home Nursery 1971-1979 1 Folder
Langlykke, Asger F. 1958-1963 1 Folder Includes a report on Rauwolfia and the drug raudixin, and their effect on hyperthyroidism. Includes correspondence with Dr. Joseph T. Freeman.
Lape, Fred 1968 1 Folder Regarding Fogg's trip to Mexico.
Legendre, Jacques 1967-1972 1 Folder
Lenton, Mrs. Donald R. 1976 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Li, Hui-Lin 1961-1966 1 Folder Includes correspondence with David R. Goddard, Ralph O. Erickson, and Allan H. Brown. Regarding Li's move to Hong Kong and salary raises and advancements at the University of Pennsylvania.
Liberty Hyde Bailey Hortorium 1976-1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with David M. Bates and John S. Penny regarding the publication of Hortus Third.
Logee's Greenhouses 1977 1 Folder
Louisiana Nursery 1979 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Ken Durio.
Margolis, Sidney 1975-1977 1 Folder Regarding the death of Theodor Philipp Haas. Includes letters from Haas to Sidney Margolis, and letters between Steven J. Taussig and Margolis.
Mellinger's Inc. 1971 1 Folder
Men's Garden Club of Delaware Valley 1974 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Alan Corson, Jr.
Merrill, Jim 1972 1 Folder Regarding registration of a new magnolia cultivar.
Michigan State University 1971 1 Folder Includes a shipping permit for "gift of native willows."
Michigan State University Department of Botany and Plant Pathology 1977 1 Folder Includes a request for plants, and correspondence with David Good.
Morris, Roland S. 1939 1 Folder Regarding the Carnegie survey on Adult Education in Science.
Morton Arboretum 1973-1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Dr. Marion T. Hall regarding contributions to the American Horticultural Society's seed distribution program.
National Academy of Sciences 1962 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Frederick Seitz, William J. Robbins, S. D. Cornell, Frank L. Campbell, and Conrad L. Wirth. Includes notes on the Advisory Committee to the National Park Service, a list of its members, and a memorandum on questions to be discussed by the committee.
National Arboretum (U.S.) 1975-1981 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Frederick Gustav Meyer and Peter M. Mazzeo regarding plant exchanges.
Myers, Ken 1969 1 Folder Regarding Myers' visit to Philadelphia and a possible lecture at the Barnes Foundation.
National Science Foundation 1959 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Dwight E. Gray, David Daniels Keck, and Elvis Jacob Stahr. Includes "The Vegetation of the Americas: a proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation by the American Museum of Natural History," "An Investigation of the Taxonomy and Cytotaxonomy of Some Eastern North American Species of the Genus Celtis," and a research proposal by Jesse Clovis and Earl L. Core.
New York Botanical Garden 1978 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Donald J. Bruckman and Elizabeth P. Corning. Discusses "board day" events and the upcoming tour of Monet's gardens.
New York State Museum 1976 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Donald W. Fisher, New York State paleontologist.
Nordreco Ab (Sweden) 1980 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Bertil Hylmo regarding herbarium specimens of cotoneaster.
Nosal, Matthew A. 1971-1974 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Nut Tree Nurseries 1969 1 Folder
Oliver Nurseries 1971 1 Folder Includes correspondence with J. W. Oliver.
Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection 1977 1 Folder Includes an advertisement for a "super-growing" shade tree, and an investigation of the advertisement's claims. Includes correspondence with Susan B. Bolno.
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 1948-1978 1 Folder Discusses Mrs. Barnes's award of the Schaeffer Medal and Dr. Fogg's involvement with the society. Includes the Yearbook of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (1953 and 1959), and correspondence with Mary Allison, Charlotte Liebig Archer, Ernesta D. Ballard, Frederic L. Ballard, John B. Carson, Elizabeth Geist Ely, Mary M. Martin, Saraellen H. Merritt, Fannie Root, Katherine B. Semple, John Caspar Wister, and Richard D. Wood.
Philadelphia Inquirer 1977 1 Folder Regarding Fossils Magazine.
Photo Center (Bryn Mawr, PA) 1981-1982 1 Folder
Princeton Nurseries 1969-1971 1 Folder
Rauwolfia correspondence, Mexico 1958-1960 2 Folders Regarding the cultivation of Rauwolfia in Mexico. Includes the "Tapachula Newsletter," reports prepared by Gordon Ross including "Propagation of Rauwolfia Plants from Seeds in Tapachula 1957-1958," and "Commercial Production of Rauwolfia Root in Tapachula by Seed and by Leafy Cuttings," inventories of Indian Rauwolfia plants, and notes on fungus diseases of Rauwolfia. Includes correspondence with Gordon Ross and Dr. W. L. Koerber.
Rauwolfia correspondence, Burma, India, and Thailand 1958-1960 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Tun Sein, S. B. Nileshwar, Ten Smitinand, Captain R. T. Samarawira, Vivat Svetvilas, J. Sinclair, Eduardo Quisumbing, E. W. Sabdusib, H. G. Hundley, C. D. Gomez, L. Zau Bawm, Heinz Breikreus, E.R. Squibb & Sons, C. S. Hearsey, F. R. Bharucha, Hans M. Hansson, L. H. Shabeski, and third party correspondence between Chit Ko Ko and Janet L. Brown, regarding the collection of Rauwolfia plants from Burma, India, Thailand, Phillipines, and Singapore.
Rosedale Nurseries 1971 1 Folder Regarding a request for plants.
Ross, Gordon 1958-1960 3 Folders Regarding plant exchanges. Includes "Manual: Growing Rauwolfia Serpentina," by Finca Experimental, Tapachula. Includes correspondence with Geoffrey W. Rake, Santiago Castro Estrada, J. A. Vidal, Carlos Maceira, Jr., E. A. Whitehouse, Fred J. Stock, William B. Pennock, Norman Hartweg, and W.L. Koerber, regarding E.R. Squibb & Sons and Rauwolfia cultivation.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 1958-1960 1 Folder Includes correspondence with J. P. M. Brenan regarding a visiting student.
Schuyler, Alfred E. 1977 1 Folder Regarding the death of Theodor Philipp Haas.
S.D. Coleman Nurseries 1973-1974 1 Folder Includes correspondence with S. D. (Dan) Coleman, Jr. Includes a list of the nursery's available azalea plants.
Seemes Nurseries 1969 1 Folder
Spring Hill Nurseries 1971-1974 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Elizabeth B. Wheeler Mitchell and Cat Sprecher.
Steere, William Campbell 1963 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Stock, Fred J. 1956-1959 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Donald S. Murray, Carlos Maceira, Jr., Geoffrey W. Rake, William B. Pennock, and Gordon Ross regarding the cultivation and propagation of Rauwolfia plants in Mexico. Includes inventory of Rauwolfia plants, July 1959, and a report by Gordon Ross titled "Nemagon as Nematocide on Burman Rauwolfia Plants."
Sunnybrook Farms Nursery 1976 1 Folder
Swedesboro (N.J.). Chamber of Commerce. 1976 1 Folder Regarding the relationship between Swedesboro, New Jersey, the town of Raccoon, New Jersey, and the botanist Peter Kalm.
Talley, Robery H. 1969-1976 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Tennessee Botanical Gardens and Fine Art Center 1975 1 Folder Regarding Dr. Fogg's service on the advisory committee for the formation of a Magnolia garden.
Tingle Nursery Company 1969-1975 1 Folder
University of Pennsylvania Class of 1925 reunion correspondence 1947-1952 1 Folder Includes Silver Jubilee edition of the 1925 reunion program and newsletter, list of attendees, 25th reunion record book, and Philadelphia Inquirer article about Penn alumni day. Includes correspondence from Roger W. Clipp, Harold Edward Stassen, Wilton Marion Krogman, George W. McClelland, Ernest Scott, L. O. Benoliel, and Soloman Stephen Huebner.
Correspondence regarding the University of Pennsylvania Department of Biology 1957 1 Folder Consists of correspondence with David R. Goddard and Jonathan E. Rhoads regarding the combining of the departments of Botany and Zoology at the University of Pennsylvania into the department of Biology. Includes minutes of the Botany Department staff meeting, March 14, 1957.
Correspondence regarding the University of Pennsylvania Herbarium 1971-1974 2 Folders Consists of correspondence with Edgar Theodore Wherry, H. Radclyffe Roberts, Richard Walter Pohl, Rogers McVaugh, David R. Goddard, and third party correspondence by Clyde E. Goulden, John W. Braxton, William H. Telfer, and Eliot Stellar. Correspondence concerns the transfer of the University of Pennsylvania Herbarium to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and its arrangement and care. Includes the report "The Herbarium" by Reid Moran.
University of Pennsylvania Morris Arboretum 1978 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Jane Herrman regarding a lecture by Dr. Fogg on medicinal plants.
University of Toronto Department of Forestry and Landscape Architecture 1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Gary Charland.
University of Washington Arboretum 1971-1976 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges. Includes correspondence with Brian O. Mulligan and J. A. Witt.
University of West Florida 1980 1 Folder Includes correspondence with James R. Burkhalter regarding herbarium specimens sent by Dr. Fogg.
Vick's Wildgardens, Inc. 1974 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Alfred F. W. Vick.
Wahl, H. A. 1938-1971 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges and herbarium samples, as well as the book Atlas of the Flora of Pennsylvania.
Watnong Nursery 1971-1975 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Don and Hazel Smith.
Wayside Gardens Co. 1971-1978 1 Folder
Weston Nurseries of Hopkinton 1969 1 Folder
WHYY (Television Station: Philadelphia, PA.) 1977-1978 1 Folder Includes donation forms and certificates.
Wiegand, Kim 1939 1 Folder Regarding plant exchanges.
Wintersteiner, Oskar 1958-1961 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Geoffrey W. Rake, Arthur E. Schwarting, P. H. Brydon, and V. Srinivasen regarding various medicinal plants and the shipment of Rauwolfia samples.
Wm. J. McLaughlin & Co. 1976 1 Folder Includes an order for film processing.
Series II. Writings
Dates: 1931-1965
Extent: .5 linear feet
Arranged alphabetically by author.
Folder Title Date Extent Folder Notes
Dorf, Erling. "Paleobotany." Reprint from McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, pp. 499-506, 1960 1960 1 Folder
Dorf, Erling. "The Petrified Forests of Yellowstone Park." Reprint from Scientific American, vol. 210, no. 4, pp. 107-113, 1964 1964 1 Folder Includes a page of manuscript notes by Dr. Fogg.
Fogg, John Milton. "Botany." Typescript with drawings 1940 1 Folder Course outline with notes.
Fogg, John Milton and H. A. Wahl. "The Flora of Pennsylvania." Typescript 1953 1 Folder Grant application to the University of Pennsylvania.
Fogg, John Milton. "The Handbook of Hollies." Morris Arboretum Bulletin, Vol. 8 No. 4, December, 1957 1957 1 Folder The Bulletin includes additional articles by Hui-Lin Li and Edgar T. Wherry.
Fogg, John Milton. Miscellaneous notes, manuscript and typescript n.d. 5 Folders Includes photograph of unidentified group of people, 1934. Includes typescript notes "Key to Oaks," "Key to Wisconsin Species of Muhlenbergia," "Carex, Section Ovales," "Salix in the Phila. Area," "Heuchera in Pennsylvania," "Desmodium," "Helianthus in the Philadelphia Area," and "Key to the Principal Orders and Families of Angiosperms," along with manuscript notes on various plants.
Fogg, John Milton. Notes on weeds. Manuscript and typescript c. 1945 1 Folder Includes "Plants Indigenous to Europe and Introduced to Eastern North America," and "A Key to Important Families of Angiosperms," possibly compiled for the writing of Weeds of Lawn and Garden, 1945.
Fogg, John Milton. Notes on Woody Plants. Manuscript, typescript, and mimeograph c. 1965 1 Folder Includes "Propagation of Woody Plants by Cuttings," "A Simple Key for Classifying Gymnosperms," "Key to the Families of Amentiferae," and "Maple Distribution Worldwide," possibly compiled for Fogg's course on woody plants at the Morris Arboretum. Also includes color photographs of Dr. Fogg collecting materials and an unidentified shrub.
Fogg, John Milton. Plant Species. Manuscript and typescript n.d. 6 Folders Includes descriptions, drawings and manuscript notes on plants, organized by species. Also includes a report, "Plants of California," produced by the University of California, Berkeley, Botanical Garden.
Fogg, John Milton. Notes on the flora of Pennsylvania. Manuscript and typescript 1931-1945 3 Folders Includes temperature map of Pennsylvania, photograph of unidentified library, "Study of the Distribution of the Ferns and Flowering Plants of Pennsylvania" from Science (May 12, 1939), lists of specimens in local herbariums including Elk County Herbarium, Twining Herbarium, Juanita College Herbarium, partial list of woody plants of Pennsylvania, and a forest map of the United States.
Fogg, John Milton. Research notes on Rauwolfia. Manuscript and typescript 1954-1958 2 Folders Includes lists of plants exchanged with other arboretums, lists of plants sent to Tapachula, Mexico and Puerto Rico, lists of plant specimens received from India, an import permit, "Nematode Root Knot Disease of Rauwolfia Serpentina and its Control," photographs of Rauwolfia roots affected by a nematode, and "Rauwolfia" entry from North American Flora (vol. 29). Includes correspondence with William B. Pennock.
Fogg, John Milton. "Some European Botanical Gardens." Mimeograph, corrected n.d. 1 Folder
Fosberg, Francis Raymond. "Studies in Pacific Rubiaceae: V." Reprint from Brittonia, Vol. 16 No. 3, July 1964 1964 1 Folder
Li, Hui-Lin. "An Illustrated Key to the Genera of Conifers." Reprint from the Morris Arboretum Bulletin, Vol. 7 No. 4, December 1956 1956 1 Folder
Myers, Joan. "The Apple." Typescript corrected by John Milton Fogg n.d. 1 Folder A student paper.
Series III. Tours
Dates: 1966-1977
Extent: .5 linear feet
Arranged chronologically by tour date.
Folder Title Date Extent Folder Notes
Resume of Tours 1975 1 Folder List of botanical tours led by Dr. and Mrs. Fogg, 1964-1975.
Berkshires 1966 1 Folder
British Isles 1967 2 Folders Includes correspondence with Robert B. Walpole, Harold R. Fletcher, George H. Garside, John S. L. Gilmour, F. P. Knight, Sir George Taylor, Olin Roberts, Dorothy Bell, Charles Puddle, Major George Sheriff, Parks and Botanic Gardens of Glasgow, W. G. Mackenzie, Crown Estate Office, Sir Eric Savill, C. D. Darlington, T. J. Walsh, J. K. Burras, and J. L. Creech. Includes a gate pass for Chelsea Physic Garden.
Mexico 1968-1977 1 Folder Includes correspondence with Helen O'Gorman, Ernesta D. Ballard, J. F. Fynes, Fred Lape, Arturo Gomez Pompa, Norman MacGregor, Helia Bravo, and James E. Sax. Includes itineraries for various trips to Mexico led by the Foggs, reservation forms, a roadmap of Mexico, and a photograph of an unidentified woman watering plants.
Italy, Greece, and Switzerland 1968 3 Folders Includes a brochure on Greek flora, "Guida dell'Orto Botanico," a map of the Instituto Botanico, map of Italy, photocopies from DeGymnajio Patavino Lib I., photographs of "Padua Garden in 1644," photograph of travel group, a detailed itinerary, and a map of Switzerland. Includes correspondence with D. Barmes, Charalambos Diapoulis, Carlo Cappelletti, Capt. Neil McEachard, Charles Baeni, J. Miege, and Aymon Correvon.
Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan 1969 2 Folders Includes correspondence with Misao Tatewaki, Tatuo Kira, Noriyuki Aso, B. Wada, Paul R. Weissich, T. Tsujii, Tamotsu Hashimoto, Haruo Sato, K. Maruyama, and Mrs. J. B. Babcock. Includes itineraries, brochure "Sojourn III in Japan," and map and self-guided tour of Foster Botanic Garden.
Scandinavian Countries 1970 2 Folders Includes brochure of the Universitetet Botanisk hage, "Touring the Gardens of Europe" by Dorothy Loa McFadden, photocopies of Passport and United States Contact Form for the entire traveling group, itinerary, a map of Stockholm, and photographs of Dr. Fogg with travel group, unidentified man, and unidentified woman. Includes correspondence with P. I. Lapin, James E. Sax, Thovald Julius Sorensen, Knut Faegri, Aarno Kalela, Rolf Y. Berg, N. A. Avrorin, Georg Schlatzer, Per Sundig, Annikki Saarisalo, Olaf Olsen, Nils Hylander and Marina Baranova.
Africa 1971 3 Folders Includes itinerary, brochure "Gardens and Estates of Southern Africa," 1969, and correspondence with Hedley Brian Rycroft, H. P. van der Schyff, Mrs. E. P. du Plessis, M. Bodard, T. A. Lindley, El Hadji Sene, Robert Metter, M. J. Wells, Pierre Fosse, Wm. J. Tijmens, R. N. Arensen, and W. Eberson. Includes thirty black and white photographs with corresponding negatives and twelve additional 4"x5" negatives.
Pacific Northwest 1973 1 Folder Includes index seminum of Drug Plant Gardens and Laboratories at the University of Washington, Seattle, information on Olympic National Park, brochure for the "Springtime Tour to the Pacific Northwest," and a questionaire for tour members regarding possible future tours. Includes correspondence with J. A. Witt, Roy Taylor, Betty E. Miller, Carl S. English, Lyman David Benson, Lynn R. Brady.
South Pacific 1973 1 Folder Includes correspondence with James E. Sax, H. G. Gilpin, J. S. Yeats, Phillip J. Jew, D. M. Churchill, John Chinner, Myron Kimnach, L.A. Johnson, Paul R. Wessich, and Jack Clark.
Lake Michigan 1974 2 Folders Includes brochure "Barnes Arboretum Springtime Along Lake Michigan," brochure "Gateway to Wisconsin, Kenosha County," and a postcard from Ruth Teuscher. Includes correspondence with John E. Voight, Marion T. Hall, D. Archibald, Katherine T. Bradley, Roy Lukes, Alfred Krampert, Margaret Ruth Teuscher, C. W. Wilson, Deon Prell, Francis de Vos, Ruth West, Floyd A. Swink, Louis B. Martin, and Edward R. Hasselkus.
American Southwest 1975 1 Folder Includes postcard from Paul S. Martin, a membership list for the Barnes Foundation Arboretum tour "Deserts in Bloom," and information on the Research Ranch, Inc. Includes correspondence with Paul Sidney Martin, Jinny Balantine, Reid Moran, Fred B. Widmoyer, W. Hubert Earl, Paul Shaw, Don P. Ducote, Frank S. Crosswhite, Raymond A. Pettit, Larry G. Michel, and Sam Graft.
Pacific Northwest 1977 1 Folder Includes travel itinerary and correspondence with Fred B. Widmoyer, N. Dean Ricer, Col. Harry C. Parham, Holt Bodinson, Rodney Engard, and White Sands National Monument.
Series IV. Miscellaneous
Dates: 1949-1967
Extent: 4 folders
Arranged chronologically.
Folder Title Date Extent Folder Notes
Personal information about John M. Fogg 1949-1967 1 Folder Includes resumés, letters of recommendation, faculty activities reports, a brief biography, lists of organizational memberships, and a grant proposal for "The Flora of Pennsylvania," by John M. Fogg and David R. Goddard. Includes correspondence between William Rex Crawford and F. S. de Q. Cabot.
Woody Plants class 1949-1967 2 Folders Includes student lists, grades, and course notes for the class on woody plants taught by Dr. Fogg at the National Science Foundation Summer Institute.
Asplundh Tree Expert Company. The Asplundh Tree, 1956 1949-1967 1 Folder A newsletter from the Asplundh Tree Company.
Newspaper clippings 1963-1967 2 Folders Articles from the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, primarily from the series "Indian Plants" by Frank McKeever.