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Barnes Foundation Archives
Ephemera Collection
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This collection consists of pamphlets, brochures, booklets, advertisements, and other materials that are primarily focused on the Barnes Foundation, but also includes non-Barnes Foundation materials collected by Dr. Albert C. Barnes, Laura Leggett Barnes or the Barnes Foundation staff.

Preferred Citation

[Description of item], [date]. Barnes Foundation Ephemera. The Barnes Foundation Archives, Merion, Pennsylvania. Reprinted with permission.

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Scope and Content

This collection includes pamphlets, brochures, booklets, invitations, and other ephemeral materials relating to Barnes & Hille, the A.C. Barnes Company, the Barnes Foundation, as well as for other organizations. It holds materials between 1902 and 2006 and was added to over time by Barnes Foundation employees as a means to maintain materials that did not fit within other collections.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Barnes Foundation Archives © 2013

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research to qualified researchers by appointment only. Please contact the Archives and Library Department for information on access and research.

Use Restrictions

The Ephemera collection is the physical property of the Barnes Foundation Archives. The Foundation holds literary rights only for material created by staff of the Foundation and material given to the Foundation with such rights specifically assigned. For all other material, literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.

Acquisition Information

These records were housed in the Barnes Foundation’s administration building storage area.

Processed by

Amanda McKnight and Adrienne Pruitt. Finding aid written by Amanda McKnight, December 2013.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • A.C. Barnes Company
  • Barnes Foundation – Art Dept.
  • Barnes Foundation. Arboretum
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University.
  • University of Pennsylvania


  • Pamphlets
  • Postcards

Personal Name(s)

  • Barnes, Albert C. (Coombs), 1872–1951
  • Barnes, Laura L., 1875-1966
  • Munro, Thomas, 1897-1974
  • Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970


  • Arboretums – Pennsylvania – Merion

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Advertisements n.d., 1902-1929 

Scope and Content

The Advertisements series includes materials for Barnes & Hille and A.C. Barnes Company focusing on the products Argyrol and Ovoferrin. It also includes advertisements for real estate on or near Latch’s Lane in Merion, PA.


Arranged chronologically, then alphabetically.

"Eight Booklets by Bertrand Russell" n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Argyrol n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Ovoferrin n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Ovoferrin n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Ovoferrin n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Ovoferrin n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Ovoferrin n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Tribute from the World's Medical Centre - Vienna." Ovoferrin 1902-1907   1.0 Folder(s)

"Scientific Achievement." Ovoferrin 1902-1907   1.0 Folder(s)

"Worthy of Attention." Ovoferrin 1902-1907   1.0 Folder(s)

"Grover on Guard." Ovoferrin 1908-1929   1.0 Folder(s)

"A Remarkable Symposium." Ovoferrin 1908-1929   1.0 Folder(s)

"Elizabethan Country House at Merion, PA" 1913   1.0 Folder(s)

"A Colonial Gem on Latch's Lane, Merion" 1913-1914   3.0 Folder(s)

"The Arboretum, Merion, PA, Housing development" 1922-1923   1.0 Folder(s)

"Chemical Tests for Ovoferrin" 1928-1929   1.0 Folder(s)

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Series II. Barnes Foundation Operations n.d., 1925- 2004 

Scope and Content

The Barnes Foundation Operations series contains materials directly related to the operations of the Barnes Foundation from brochures regarding artists in the collection to visitor information.


Arranged chronologically.

Admission Sign n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Admission Cards n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Brochure 1925-1926   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Employee ID Card Blanks n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Guidelines for Visitors n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Cezanne at The Barnes Foundation" n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Postcard of the Barnes Foundation Gallery Mezzanine n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Postcard of the Barnes Foundation's Magnolia Trees n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Brochure 1925-1926   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Public Notices 1925-1961   1.0 Folder(s)

Course in Applied Aesthetics at Columbia University 1926-1927   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Brochure 1947   1.0 Folder(s)

Warning Notice for Lapsley Road 1953   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Brochure 1956-1958   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Brochure 1965-1966   1.0 Folder(s)

"Arboretum School: Over Fifty Years of Botanical Education" 1990   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Bookmark 1990   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Brochure 1991-1992   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Newsletter 1994   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

Winter/Spring 1994

"Barnes Foundation, A Vision Shared" 1996   1.0 Folder(s)

"Philadelphia: The Great Arts Escape" 1996-1997   1.0 Folder(s)

Barnes Foundation Brochure 1997   1.0 Folder(s)

Postcard of the Barnes Foundation Formal Garden 1998   1.0 Folder(s)

"Van Gogh at the Barnes" 2001   1.0 Folder(s)

"Barnes Foundation, Frequently Asked Questions" 2004   1.0 Folder(s)

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Series III. Events n.d., 1925-2006 

Scope and Content

The Events series include invitations and tickets to Barnes Foundation events as well as to events attended by Dr. Albert C. Barnes.


Arranged chronologically, then alphabetically.

Radio Announcement n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Talk and Negro Spirituals Concert. Invitation n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Dedication Ceremony 1925   1.0 Folder(s)

Talks and Negro Spiritual Concert. Invitation 1926   1.0 Folder(s)

Art and Art Education Talk. Invitation 1926   1.0 Folder(s)

Art and Religion Talk and Negro Spirituals. Invitation 1926   1.0 Folder(s)

Thomas Munro Talk on Modern Art. Invitation 1929   1.0 Folder(s)

Central High School Fifty-fourth Address of the Barnwell Course. Ticket 1936   1.0 Folder(s)

University of Pennsylvania Commencement. Ticket 1937   1.0 Folder(s)

Dr. Albert C. Barnes Speaks on "What are the Chances for Art Education in Phila.?" 1938   1.0 Folder(s)

First Public Meeting of Friends of Art and Education. Program 1938   1.0 Folder(s)

Bertrand Russell Lectures and Courses. Flyers and brochure 1944   1.0 Folder(s)

Negro Spirituals Concert. Invitation 1950   1.0 Folder(s)

Menu for the Barnes Foundation Dinner 1995   1.0 Folder(s)

Re-opening of the Barnes Foundation Gallery. Invitation 1995   1.0 Folder(s)

Dedication of the restored Barnes Foundation Gallery. Invitation 1995   1.0 Folder(s)

Forum on the Barnes Foundation Hosted by Friends of the Barnes Foundation and Merion Civic Association. Flyer 2006   1.0 Folder(s)

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Series IV. Non Barnes Foundation Materials n.d., 1905-1946 

Scope and Content

The Non-Barnes Foundation Materials series contains materials of various formats concerning other institutions or products.


Arranged chronologically, then alphabetically.

"Bible in the Balance." Flyer n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Birmingham School Inc. for Girls. Postcard n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Franklin Survey Company presents a new Main Line property atlas." n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Free Political Prisoners League for the Amnesty of Political Prisoners." Booklet n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"International Printing Ink Corporation." Pamphlet n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Nothing New." Religious Tract n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

Rational Living. Stationary n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Société des Instrumentals Anciens." Pamphlet n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

State Normal School. Stationary n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Tomorrow." Flyer n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"Report of Treatment of Conscientious Objectors at the Camp Funston Guard House." Booklet 1918   1.0 Folder(s)

"Barzun's Lectures on World Economics." Pamphlet 1921-1922   1.0 Folder(s)

College of Art Association of America, 15th Annual Meeting." Program 1925   1.0 Folder(s)

"E. Robert Schmitz Summer Master Class." Brochure 1925   1.0 Folder(s)

"Princeton Summer School." Booklet 1925   1.0 Folder(s)

Carnegie Corporation Courses No. 1 and No. 2. Programs 1926   1.0 Folder(s)

"School of Fine Arts H. Hoffman Summer Course." Pamphlet 1927   1.0 Folder(s)

"Pierce School of Business Administration Summer School." Pamphlet 1927   1.0 Folder(s)

Washington School Boarding School. Flyer 1935   1.0 Folder(s)

"Pewter Spoons." Pamphlet 1937   1.0 Folder(s)

Estate Auction at Samule T. Freeman & Co. Pamphlet 1941   1.0 Folder(s)

Executors Sale of Antiques. Flyer 1941   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

Estate of Annie Haight Kerfoot, Freehold, N.J.

"Members of the National Society for the Study of Education." Booklet 1941   1.0 Folder(s)

"John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellows." Pamphlet 1942   1.0 Folder(s)

"Hanson Place Baptist Church." Flyer 1943   1.0 Folder(s)

"Twenty-fourth Annual Sermon of the Maryland Union Singing & Praying Band." Flyer 1944   1.0 Folder(s)

"Mountain Springs Hotel First Important Public Sale of Early American Furniture and Antiques." Flyer 1944   1.0 Folder(s)

"American Association of Teachers Colleges List of Accredited Institutions." Booklet 1945-1946   1.0 Folder(s)

"Members of the American Council on Education." Booklet 1945   1.0 Folder(s)

"Report on Spain." Pamphlet 1945   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

Presenter Leah Manning.

"Mundt-Ferguson-Nixon Versus America's Freedom." Brochure 1950   1.0 Folder(s)

"Un-American and Subversive Activities - Minority Views on S.2311 (Mundt-Ferguson-Johnson Bill)." Brochure 1950   1.0 Folder(s)

"Call to a Conference for 'Liberty and Justice for All.'" Flyer 1950   1.0 Folder(s)

"What Makes Stassen Run?" Reprint from the New Republic 1950   1.0 Folder(s)

Christmas Card 1905-1924   1.0 Folder(s)

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Series V. Publications n.d., 1923-1954 

Scope and Content

The Publications series includes announcements and complimentary copies lists for such Barnes Foundation books as “The Art in Education” and “French Primitives and their Forms.”


Arranged alphabetically.

"An Approach to Art." Announcement 1923   1.0 Folder(s)

"Art and Education." Announcement 1929   1.0 Folder(s)

"Art and Education." Announcement 1947   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

For revised and enlarged edition.

"Art and Education." Announcement 1954   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

For 3rd edition.

"Art and Education." Complimentary copies list 1929   1.0 Folder(s)

"Chats on Japanese Prints" by Arthur Fiche. Complimentary copies list n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

"French Primitives and Their Forms." Announcement 1931   1.0 Folder(s)

"French Primitives and Their Forms." Complimentary copies list 1931   1.0 Folder(s)

"Primitive Negro Sculpture." Announcement, draft 1926   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

Handwritten note.

"The Aesthetic Experience." Announcement 1924   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Aesthetic Experience" and "The Art in Painting." Announcement 1925   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Aesthetic Experience." Announcement 1929   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Art Department of the Barnes Foundation." Reprinted from the Barnes Foundation Journal of the Art Department 1970   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Art in Painting." Announcement 1925   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Art in Painting." Announcement 1928   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Art in Painting." Complimentary copies list 1928-1937   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Art in Painting." Newsclipping 1928   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

For 2nd edition from Main Liner.

"The Art in Painting." Announcement 1937   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Art of Cezanne." Announcement n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

For reprint.

"The Art of Cezanne." Announcement 1939   1.0 Folder(s)

"The Art of Henri Matisse." Announcement n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

For reprint.

"The Art of Renoir." Announcement n.d.   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

For reprint.

"The Art of Renoir." Announcement 1935   1.0 Folder(s)

"Review of The Art in Painting." Reprint 1926   1.0 Folder(s)

General note

From the Quarterly Journal of the University of North Dakota.

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