Our first year: looking back & looking forward

Our first year: looking back & looking forward

The Barnes Foundation Opens, May 2012

It’s hard to believe it was a year ago that the Barnes opened its new building on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. I remember well the last few weeks before we opened to the public. We had been previewing the new building to art critics and architecture writers from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and waiting anxiously to see what they would write. The staff had moved into the offices in April and we already knew we loved the building; the excitement continued to build as early reviews started to come in. Much of the press agreed with us and were giving the building rave reviews, especially the improved gallery lighting.  

I was nervous as we opened the door to the public for the first time, and wondered how people would react to the carefully recreated galleries. The best part for me was the way we opened in grand style over Memorial Day weekend, with free admission for 56 consecutive hours filled with activities and performances. On our first anniversary, we’re excited to show you some of footage from those first few days and the reactions our visitors had. 

Video produced by Polivision Productions

We look forward to connecting with you through this new blog, sharing some behind-the-scenes content, and hearing what you have to say.  Were you here during the opening week? What did you think of the new building and the collection?