Crossing Boundaries, part 1

Crossing Boundaries, part 1

Crossing Boundaries

I had the pleasure of collaborating on a program this year called Crossing Boundaries, which invited middle-school students from Philadelphia’s schools to study the unique and multicultural displays at the Barnes Foundation. This video summarizes the program and demonstrates the impact it had on students and teachers alike.   

We worked with over 1,000 students to study African masks and Navajo textiles both in and out of the classroom: Barnes staff visited the schools to do lessons and then the students came to the Barnes to see the artwork firsthand. The program included asking students to weave and dance as well as creating their own artwork. It was a fun and rewarding year and a great reminder that art is a powerful way to engage middle-school students.

I am profoundly grateful to the students and faculty of the School District of Philadelphia who worked tirelessly this year to make this possible. The program is sponsored by PECO, and includes free admission, busing, curricular materials, and art-making activities. Thank you, Philadelphia, for embracing this program.

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