Information and Practical Tips for Visiting the Barnes

Information and Practical Tips for Visiting the Barnes

Entrance to the Barnes Collection Galleries

It’s my job to ensure that every visitor has the best experience that the Barnes can provide. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment and meeting our guests’ needs; to help us, plan your visit with these tips and tidbits in mind.

Book in Advance!
Because we can only admit a certain number of people per day, we often sell out. Check our calendar for available days and times. If you want to be sure of a visit date, buy tickets in advance: online or 215.278.7200.

Come Prepared
Buy tickets online, print them, and bring them with you to avoid waiting at the ticketing desk.

Why There is Occasionally a Queue
You may have to wait in a short queue at the entrance to the Collection Gallery. Wait times average 10–15 minutes, but can sometimes be as long as 30–40 minutes on our busiest days.

There are several reasons for occasional queues:

  • The galleries can only hold 250 people at a time, and we welcome 800–1,000 guests per day.
  • There is no end time—once you’re in the galleries, you can stay as long as you like.
  • We stagger entry times to allow for the flow of visitors, but sometimes guests stay a long time, so we can’t let the next wave in until people come out.
  • Leaving the galleries opens up room for the next ticketholders; if you return after shopping or eating, you may have to wait to get back in. 

Check Bags and Coats
To minimize accidents for both the collection and our guests, only bags 10 × 12 × 6 inches or smaller are allowed in the galleries. Any larger objects must be checked in the coatroom on the Lower Level. Bulky and/or wet outerwear must also be checked. Security reserves the right to make decisions about what can go into the galleries.

There Are No Restrooms in the Collection Gallery
They’re on the Lower Level, by the coatroom. To avoid that “shoulda gone before you went” moment, make a stop downstairs before you go see the collection. If you leave the Collection Gallery, you may have to stand in line to get back in.  

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