Alex Trebek

Do you think you know a lot about art and the Barnes? Test your knowledge after Thanksgiving dinner by tuning in to JEOPARDY! Let us know if you ace the Barnes Foundation category Thursday night. 

Earlier this year, after Barnes staff and writers from JEOPARDY! collaborated on answers and questions for the Barnes category, Alex Trebek and the crew came to Philadelphia and filmed the clues on location.

On the day of the shoot, Mr. Trebek showed up a little early and asked if he might spend some time in the galleries. As I walked him around the collection, I noticed that he remembered particular pieces and where they were—he’s partial to Soutine and Modigliani.

The filming went smoothly, thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of the JEOPARDY! crew. Alex Trebek has visited the Foundation several times, and filmed another category back when we were still in Merion; after they finished, we asked Mr. Trebek his thoughts on the Barnes. This is what he said.

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