Plant Collections

Plant Collections

Barnes Arboretum

Plant Collection Highlights

The 12-acre Arboretum contains over 2,000 species of woody plants and trees. Some are rare specimens, and all are beautiful. Discover a few of the highlights from the Barnes's living collections. Learn more

Seasonal Bloom Calendar

Consult the Seasonal Bloom Calendar for a look at what's growing in the gardens throughout the year. Learn more


The Herbarium is an unexpected, hidden gem in the Barnes collections. With 10,000 preserved plant specimens and counting, it is a special resource for horticulturalists, students, and artists. Learn more

National Hosta Display Garden

A National Hosta Display Garden is being formed at the Barnes Arboretum as a mixed border, where the genus Hosta and its many cultivars can be enjoyed by arboretum visitors and students of the Barnes horticulture programs. Learn more

Tree Map

Click here for an interactive map of the trees in the Arboretum of the Barnes Foundation.

Pennsylvania State Champion Trees

Download a map of our state champion trees and learn more about them on the Barnes blog.

Greater Philadelphia Gardens

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