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By Dr. Albert C. Barnes

By Dr. Albert C. Barnes

The Art in Painting

By Dr. Albert C. Barnes

Originally published in February 1925, The Art in Painting was intended to be "an experiment in the adaptation to plastic art of the principles of the scientific method." In its third edition and seventh printing, this book is still used as the central text in the Barnes Foundation's educational programs.


Art and Education

By John Dewey, Dr. Albert C. Barnes, Laurence Buermeyer, et al

First published in March 1929, Art and Education is a collection of essays by John Dewey, Paul Guillaume, Violette de Mazia, Thomas Munro, Dr. Barnes, and others. Topics include discussion of the educational principles and methods of the Foundation as well as challenges to mainstream art education ideas and practices.


The French Primitives and Their Forms from Their Origin to the End of the Fifteenth Century

By Dr. Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia

The first collaboration between Barnes and de Mazia, art and aesthetics instructor at the Foundation, The French Primitives was first published in April 1931. Barnes noted: "[t]he book itself has probably done more to establish the status of the Foundation as a laboratory of scientific research than any thing we have ever published.”


The Art of Henri Matisse

By Dr. Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia

Having just commissioned what would become The Dance mural, Barnes regarded Matisse as the "foremost painter of the day," so it was with great excitement that he began work on this examination in 1931. It was eventually published in 1933.


The Art of Renoir

By Dr. Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia

Visiting a Renoir retrospective at Paris's Musée de l'Orangerie in 1933 enabled Barnes and de Mazia to conduct first-hand research for this book, originally published in 1935. By this time, there were 175 Renoirs in the Foundation's collection, significantly outnumbering works by any other artist. Art of Renoir is still used in the Foundation's educational courses today.


The Art of Cézanne

By Dr. Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia

Published in 1939, this was the fourth and final published collaboration between Barnes and de Mazia. Though not as popular in its original run as Barnes's earlier publications, Cézanne is still used as a course text at the Foundation.


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