Art & Aesthetics

Art & Aesthetics

The Barnes-de Mazia Education Program offers a progressive approach to learning. Using an inquiry-based method, students of all ages are encouraged to develop their visual and analytical skills under the direction of dedicated instructors. In all Barnes courses, students debate, exchange ideas, and engage in the discovery of new ways of seeing and thinking. 


New to education programs at the Barnes? Workshops range from 2–4 days, and are a great way to sample a wide range of art and horticulture classes. Learn more

Semester Courses

Already familiar with Dr. Barnes's approach to education? Immerse yourself in a 14-week course, and emerge with a whole new way of seeing and thinking.  Learn more

Year-Long Courses

Students who successfully complete the sequence of the Visual Literacy, Traditions, and Ensemble/Seminar courses receive a certificate and are enrolled in the Barnes Alumni Association.  Learn more


Register for courses or workshops by phone: 215.278.7300.

Act 48

Through its partnership with the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership, Barnes courses can be certified for 15 credit hours of Act 48 continuing education credits.