Art Classes

Art Classes

The Barnes-de Mazia Education Program uses an inquiry-based method to encourage students of all ages to develop their visual and analytical skills. Students debate, exchange ideas, and discover new ways of seeing and thinking.

Take classes individually or as part of the certificate program. Courses are grouped into three categories: The Barnes Method (Category I) focuses on rigorous formal analysis; Understanding Materials and Techniques (Category II) explores the physical aspects of how art is made; and Art in Context (Category III) approaches works of art as a reflection of history, culture, and politics.

Certificate requirements:
• The Elements of Art (14 weeks)—in Category I
• Collections Concentration (14 weeks)—in Category I
• Traditions (14 weeks)—in Category I
• one 4-week class from Category II
• one 4-week class from Category III

Short Courses

Whether you're new to classes at the Barnes or a continuing student, our short courses are a great way to sample a wide range of art and horticulture topics. Learn more

Semester Courses

Interested in a deeper understanding of Dr. Barnes's approach to education? Immerse yourself in a 14-week course and emerge with a whole new way of seeing and thinking. Learn more


The Barnes Foundation is pleased to offer a new need-based scholarship program to students interested in the Barnes-de Mazia art education courses. Learn more


Register for courses or workshops by phone: 215.278.7200.

Act 48

Through its partnership with the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership, Barnes courses can be certified for 15 credit hours of Act 48 continuing education credits.