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Semester Courses

Art & Aesthetics

Fall 2014 Courses

Tuesdays, September 2–December 2 (14 classes)
11 am–1 pm
Instructor: John Gatti, MFA
Albert Barnes arranged his art into “ensembles” that invite close looking by creating formal connections across traditional categories. Using techniques honed in Visual Literacy and Traditions, deepen your understanding of the design, aesthetic, and conceptual associations in the gallery installations.

Matisse: In Color and Light
Tuesdays, September 2–December 2 (14 classes)
1 pm–4 pm
Instructor: Leslie Bowen, MFA
Henri Matisse's life followed a trajectory from darkness into one of light and color. "All I thought about was making my colors sing" (Henri Matisse, as quoted in Pierre Schneider, Matisse, 1984). Join us as we study the range of his works in the Barnes Foundation's galleries-the radiant Bonheur de Vivre, the monumental Dance mural, and the enchanting final paintings on canvas. Through discussions based on the plastic elements of art, we will explore how Matisse's work was created and gain an understanding of his unprecedented artistic journey.

Art Now
Wednesdays, September 3–December 17 (14 classes)
Noon–2 pm
Instructor: John Gatti, MFA
Examine the practice of artists working today and their response to cultural, social, political, and ideological issues. Meet artists, scholars, art dealers, and other visual arts professionals, and visit exhibitions, cultural institutions, and artists’ studios. Course highlights have included visits to the West Collection in Oaks, PA, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

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