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Art & Aesthetics

Spring 2014 Courses

Paris: The Luminous Years
Tuesdays, January 28–May 6 (14 classes)
2–4 pm
Instructor: Leslie Bowen, MFA

From the 1860s through the 1930s, Paris was an epicenter of innovation and experimentation. Artists converged on the city of light, uprooting centuries of tradition to give birth to modernism in the Western world. Albert Barnes compiled a magnificent collection of art that was also a record of a critical period of artistic development. This course explores modernists’ sources of inspiration, converging visions, and personal relationships. Includes visits to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

$900; members $810
Registration is closed.

Art Now!
Wednesdays, January 29–May 7 (14 classes)
Noon–2 pm
Instructor: John Gatti, MFA

Albert Barnes collected some of the most challenging art of his time. This course examines the practice of artists working today and their response to cultural, social, political, and ideological issues. Students engage with Philadelphia’s art scene, meeting with artists, scholars, art dealers, and other visual arts professionals. They also visit exhibitions, cultural institutions, and artists’ studios. Course highlights have included visits to the West Collection in Oaks, PA, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as well as First Friday tours of local galleries.

$900; members $810
Registration will be open soon.

Thesis Seminar
Tuesdays, January 28–May 6 (14 classes)
11 am–1 pm
Instructor: John Gatti, MFA

Use discussions and research to develop an original thesis and final paper on a topic related to the collection. Upon successful completion of the Thesis Seminar course, students who have completed the other elements of the certificate sequence are eligible to receive their certificate and be recognized at the annual graduation.

$900; members $810
Register online or call 215.278.7300.

PAFA at the Barnes:  Drawing into Color
Tuesdays, January 28–April 22 (12 classes)
6:30–9:30 pm
Instructor: Michael Rossman, MFA

Learn the basic language of color and its attributes: hue, value, temperature, and intensity. Practice with exercises in the studio at PAFA; acrylic pigments, the selection of appropriate grounds and surfaces, and the preparation of brushes and other tools are also covered. Then apply your new vocabulary during visits to the Barnes to examine color in works by Cézanne, Seurat, Van Gogh, and other masters.

$525 non-credit; $675 for credit. Register by January 10 through PAFA: or 215.972.7632. 


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