Dan Mask

Dan Mask

Deangle Mask
Deangle Mask from Dan Culture

Following the steps below will help you look at this Deangle mask from the Dan culture.

Step One: Look

  • Describe the Deangle mask to another student. What is special about the mask's expression?


Step Two: Analyze


  • What color is this mask?
  • What is it made of?


  • Find etched lines. What do they look like?
  • What shapes do you notice on the mask?
  • This face is considered beautiful by the Dan culture. What features on this face do you think are considered important in their culture?


  • Where do you see light hitting this mask?
  • Where do you see shadows? What does this tell you?


  • Imagine wearing this mask. What would it be like to look through those eyes?


  • The surface of the mask shows the skills of the carver. Is the surface rough or smooth? Is it dull or shiny?


Step Three: Compare

To begin comparing this mask with the other images, please launch the slideshow found in the right sidebar.

Download relevant worksheet here.

  • What is the same between these two images? What is different?


Step Four: Explore

On the map below, locate where the Dan mask came from. Research it. 

Download relevant worksheets here and here.

Teacher's Guide

For more information about African masks, the Deangle mask in particular, and the ceremonies they are used in, download this helpful teacher's guide.


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