Woman in White in the Exotic Forest
Woman in White in the Exotic Forest by Henri Rousseau

Following the steps below will help you look at this painting, Woman in White in the Exotic Forest by Henri Rousseau.

Step One: Look

  • What is happening in this painting?
  • What is the mood of this painting?
  • Share your ideas with another student. Do you agree?


Step Two: Analyze


  • What colors do you see in this painting? Where are they?
  • How do the colors make the scene seem like a dream?


  • Rousseau uses strong lines to outline shapes in the painting. What kinds of shapes do you see? Where?


  • Where do you see light in this painting?
  • Does the light tell you what time of day it is in the painting?


  • Where does this painting take place? Is this a place you have seen before, or is it from the artist's imagination? How do you know?


Step Three: Compare

To begin comparing this painting with others, please launch the slideshow found in the right sidebar.

Download the relevant worksheet here.

  • What is the same between these two paintings? What is different?


Step Four: Explore

On the map below, locate where the artist Henri Rousseau came from. Research it.

Download the relevant worksheets here and here.

Teacher's Guide

For more information about Henri Rousseau, his techniques, and his paintings, download this helpful teacher's guide.


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