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Teacher Programs

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Saturday, January 11
9 am–1 pm

For teachers participating in the Art of Looking program for 5th and 6th grades, and for 4th-to-8th-grade teachers who want to use these techniques in their own classrooms. Learn to incorporate art- and design-based thinking tactics into a STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, and math). Do a digital design project and build your own scale model. The session includes teaching resources, a model project, and hands-on activities. 
Educators only. $25; members $22; free for Art of Looking enrollees

Pictures and Words
Saturday, January 24
9 am–1 pm

For teachers participating in the Pictures and Words program for K-to-3rd grade and for primary teachers looking to integrate literacy activities using art in the classroom. Delve into the Barnes displays called ensembles and study how a painting can tell a story. Includes tour of William Glackens exhibition.  Educators only. $25; members $22; free for Pictures and Words enrollees   

Crossing Boundaries
Saturday, February 21 
9 am–1 pm

For teachers participating in the Crossing Boundaries program for 7th and 8th grades, and for 4th-to8thgrade teachers looking to integrate cross-cultural learning into the classroom. Delve into the Barnes Foundation displays called ensembles and study how they enable students to compare cultures. Build a Navajo loom for your classroom and take home lesson plans to use weaving as a foundation for creative writing.
Educators only. $25; members $22; free for Crossing Boundaries enrollees   

Game-Based Learning
Saturday, February 28
9 am–3 pm

Meet the game designers who developed the groundbreaking app Keys to the Collection. Learn how math is used to create images in game design. The morning program covers three-dimensional design and how to use simple math techniques to understand their composition. In the afternoon, meet Kevin Gross, game designer, to learn both digital and analog ways to use game design in the classroom. Lunch included.
Educators only. $35; members $30
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Bringing Spring to the Classroom
Saturday, March 21
1–4 pm

K–6 teachers, do you need ideas for celebrating spring, Earth Day, or Arbor Day in your classroom? Explore the connection between science and art visible in the changing seasons. Tour the Barnes Arboretum to discover early signs of spring and learn how dormant plants can be tricked to burst into leaf and bloom indoors. Make an art project to take back to the classroom with nontoxic materials inspired by the flowering branches.
Educators only. $25; members $20

Two Museums, One Historical Moment: The Barnes Foundation, the Rodin Museum, and Nineteenth Century France
Saturday, April 18
9 am–1 pm

Co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Both the French Impressionist painters and Auguste Rodin paved a path toward modern art. Join us for an in-depth look at 19th and early 20th century painting and sculpture at the Barnes Foundation and the Rodin Museum. Through a lecture, gallery session, and a hands-on activity, explore how Impressionist artists rebelled on canvas, Rodin revolutionized sculpture, and how all of these masterpieces found their home in Philadelphia.
Educators only. $32; Barnes and PMA members $25. Register through PMA: philamuseum.org/education or 215.235.7469.

Summer Teacher Institute
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 28–29 
10 am–3 pm

Appropriate for pre-K–12 teachers in all subjects, this intensive two-day workshop sets up the use of art and the theories of Dr. Barnes to achieve curricular goals. Pennsylvania teachers are eligible to earn Act 48 credit; hours are provided through the sponsorship of the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.
Educators only; $100. Registration required: education@barnesfoundation.org or 215.278.7300.

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