Horticulture Certificate Program FAQ’s

What can I do with a certificate from the Barnes?

Students enroll in the Barnes horticulture program in order to achieve a range of personal and professional goals. While some students look forward to becoming accomplished home gardeners, other students are interested in transitioning into horticulture as a career or are already employed in a horticulture profession. Although there are no business classes in the program, students learn a range of skills that will prepare them to design, manage, and implement horticulture projects as a homeowner, a business-owner, or both. The program is divided roughly equally between design courses, science courses, and courses on plants. There are also two years of hands-on practicum coursework.

Can I opt out of a class?

There are no elective courses in the program, and completion of all classes is required in order to receive a Certificate of Merit in horticulture. Students who do not wish to complete the entire three-year program are invited to audit individual courses, space permitting.

What is the attendance policy?

Students can miss up to three days (and no more than three class periods of any course) per 14-week semester and still qualify to receive a Certificate of Merit in Horticulture upon completion of the program. In addition, students must complete assignments and projects and participate in class discussions to receive a certificate.

How are students evaluated?

The program is based on a pass/fail grading system. Some classes are project- or practicum-based, while other courses are lecture-based. Instructors choose whether to evaluate students with quizzes, projects, presentations, or by their participation. There are no final exams in any class.

Are there required textbooks?

Instructors supply most printed material, which is also posted electronically. Instructors will also supply students with lists of recommended reading, most of which is available in the horticulture library at the Barnes Arboretum.

What is the refund policy?

The Barnes issues full refunds to students up to the second week of class. After this point, yearly tuition is non-refundable.