Workshops and Lectures


Fall 2015 Workshops

Horticulture workshops are held at Barnes Arboretum, Merion campus. For additional information call 215-278-7350.

Wednesdays, October 28–December 16 (6 classes)
1:30–4 pm
Instructor: Richard Bitner, horticulturalist
Explore the world of evergreen and deciduous conifer plants, ranging from shrubby dwarfs to towering trees. Focus is on the major coniferous genera, emphasizing identification, growth patterns, and landscape use. Through classroom lectures, examination of cut specimens, and field observation, learn about conifers for larger landscapes, as well as dwarf or slow-growing cultivars for smaller gardens,
$210; members $189

Holiday wreath workshop
Friday, December 4, or Saturday, December 5
10:30 am–noon
Instructor: Rachel Burlington, Barnes gardener
Learn simple techniques to transform a selection of fresh-cut evergreens, pods, cones, and berries from the Barnes Arboretum into a wreath embellished with unusual decorative elements inspired by nature. More beautiful than anything commercially available, your custom wreath will last well beyond the holiday season.
$88; members $79

Register online for December 4 or December 5 or call 215.278.7200.


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