Renoir: Father and Son/Painting and Cinema

April 28–September 3, 2018
Roberts Gallery

Orson Welles described filmmaker Jean Renoir (1894–1979), son of renowned impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, as “the greatest of all directors.” This exhibition aims to retrace chapters of Jean’s production through the course of a rich and fascinating dialogue between father and son. If Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s artistic practice and creative universe influenced Jean’s art, Jean’s films shed light on his father’s paintings. Focusing on core themes in Jean’s works, such as his vision and recreation of Paris, the exhibition will examine his path to becoming a prominent international filmmaker, bringing together paintings, drawings, films, costumes, and photos—as well as the ceramics he made before he turned to cinema. The Barnes Foundation, with its collection of Jean Renoir pottery in addition to 181 works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, will provide a poignant setting for exploring this complex, fruitful relationship between painting and cinema.



The exhibition is curated by Sylvie Patry, deputy director for collections & exhibitions and Gund Family Chief Curator, and organized with the participation of the Cinémathèque française, Paris.

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