Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Frequently Asked Membership Questions


When will my membership packet and membership cards arrive?
Your membership cards will arrive three weeks after you join.

Why doesn’t my hard card have an expiration date?
All membership information is stored electronically. When you renew your membership, the expiration will be updated when your member card is scanned or your member ID number is used.

I renewed my membership but I did not receive new hard cards.
The Founding Member card that you received when you initially joined is yours to retain. When you renew at the same level, you will not receive duplicate hard cards. All changes that you make to your membership are stored electronically.

Can I share my Founding Member card with a friend?
Membership benefits are non-transferable.

If I have renewed at a different level, will I be receiving different hard cards?
Yes, if your membership level changes, we will issue cards reflecting your updated membership level.

Do I need to bring my membership cards when visiting the Barnes Foundation?
Yes, we encourage you to bring your cards when visiting. If your hard card has not yet arrived, we will issue you a temporary card when you visit.

After joining as a Founding Member, how long do I need to wait before I can make a reservation?

  • If you join by mail, your membership will be activated within two business days of receiving your payment.
  • If you join over the internet, your membership will be activated within two business days.
  • If you join onsite at the Barnes Foundation, you will be issued a temporary membership card that is active immediately.

Are my guest passes physical tickets?
Guest passes are not physical tickets; they are electronic reservations that must be made by Patron and Contributor members by calling the designated ticketing line or reserving over the internet.  To redeem guest passes, please call 215.278.7200 or visit us on the web at Supporter-level members and above can redeem guest passes onsite without a reservation.   

As a member of the Barnes Foundation, how many guess passes should I expect to receive?

  • Patron Members receive two one-time-use guest passes
  • Contributor Members receive two one-time-use guest passes
  • Supporter Members receive four one-time-use guest passes
  • Sustainer Members receive six one-time-use guest passes
  • Circle Members receive eight one-time-use guest passes

As a Supporter Member, do I need to make an advance reservation for my guests?
We invite Supporter Members with a party total of four or fewer individuals to visit the Barnes Foundation without advance reservations. Total party count includes member, child and guest tickets.
Reservations are required at all membership levels on the following dates: March 2–10, November 29, and December 26–30, 2013.

I have lost my membership card; how can I replace it?
The reprint cost of a membership hard card is $5. Please call Member Services at 215.278.7100 to request a reprint.

When I make a reservation as a Founding Member, am I guaranteed entry to the collection during the time outlined on my ticket?
The time on your ticket outlines the time that we expect you will be welcomed to the collection. If a queue has formed, the time on your ticket will be when you are welcomed into the queue. We encourage members to print tickets reserved over the web at home to avoid lines at the admissions desk; otherwise, tickets may be redeemed at Guest Services upon arrival.

Why is there a cost for me to reserve a ticket at 9 or 9:30 AM?
The Barnes Foundation is open from 10 AM to 6 PM, Wed – Mon, and 10 AM – 10 PM on Friday evenings. On select days, we are able to offer exclusive entry to the collection prior to our opening hours. These time slots are limited, and as such have a much lower capacity of guests in our galleries, making for a more exclusive viewing experience. Members do receive a discount of $10 on these tickets, making them $35 each (as opposed to $45 for the general public).

If I leave the Collection Gallery, will I be granted re-entry?
Guests are welcome to stay in the gallery for any duration; guests returning after leaving the gallery for an extended period of time may be asked to wait in a queue before returning to the galleries.

Are reservations required to enjoy Friday night programs?
Members are welcome to enjoy Friday night performances in the Annenberg Light Court without advance reservations. Visit the Events page to learn about upcoming performances.

I would like to eat at the Garden Restaurant; can I make a reservation?
The restaurant is open during regular business hours and does not take advance reservations. Present your Founding Member card to receive a discount. Learn more

As a member, will I receive discounted parking?
Yes, member discounted parking rates are $10 for four hours of parking and $2 for each additional hour. Non-member parking rates are $12 for four hours and $2 for each additional hour.

Is the Barnes Foundation Wheelchair-accessible?
Yes, the Barnes Foundation has accessible parking onsite, and elevators are located throughout the building. Free wheelchairs are provided onsite; visit the admissions desk for information. Wheelchairs and handicap-accessible parking are subject to availability. 

As a member, will I be charged for an audio tour?
Audio tours are free for all our guests; however, they are limited, so we suggest downloading the audio tour on your smartphone free of charge in advance of your visit. For instructions on how to download the tour, please click here

As a member, do I receive a discount in the shop?
Yes! As a member, you will receive a discount in the shop, as well as special discounts on Member Appreciation Days. Please show your membership card at the beginning of your transaction to receive the discount. To use your member discount online, please click here.