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Tuesday Premier Tours

Intimate 90-minute tours with a docent when the collection is closed to the public; includes private access to the Barnes Shop from 1-4 pm.

A Closer Look
Tuesdays July-December
4–5:30 pm  
Gain insight into masterpieces in the collection, spend time analyzing the Barnes's ensemble arrangements, and learn about the educational beginnings of the Foundation.



Tuesday, October 25
4–5:30 pm 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130 $60; members $30

Reserve online or call 215.278.7200.

pedestrians in the square in front of the Grand Bazar Universel

Lecture. Changing Paris: Photography in the City of Light, 1839–1939

In celebration of the exhibition Live and Life Will Give You Pictures, Sarah Kennel, curator of photography at the Peabody Essex Museum, discusses photography’s technological and artistic evolution during the medium’s first hundred years.

Tuesday, October 25
6:30-7:30pm 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130 $16; members and students $8

Register online or call 215.278.7200.

Pinus Virginia tree


Instructor: Dr. Richard Bitner, horticulturist, author of Designing with Conifers and Conifers for Gardens: an Illustrated Encyclopedia

Learn to identify and classify a range of ornamental conifers, including the best species and cultivars for our region. This profusely illustrated course focuses on the major coniferous genera, highlighting identification, growth patterns, and landscape uses, from dwarf specimens for containers to large trees for screening. The instructor's Pocket Guide to Conifers is a required text.

Wednesdays, October 26 - December 14 (8 classes)
1:30–4 pm Barnes Arboretum, Merion campus, 300 N. Latch's Lane, Merion, PA 19066 $400; members $360

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The Joy of Life by Henri Matisse

The Fauves

Instructor: Marilyn Bauman, MA

Fauvism stands between pictorial illusion and the kind of "pure paint" that became a preoccupation of twentieth-century modernism. As Matisse later observed, "Fauve painting is not everything, but it is the foundation of everything." Explore fauve work and its influence on modern art.


©2016 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Thursdays, October 27–November 17 (4 classes)
1–3 pm Hershey’s Mill, 1500 Greenhill Rd., West Chester, PA 19380 $150; members $120

Register online or call 215.278.7200.

members only

Albert Barnes, African Art, and the Modernist Photographic Vision

Wendy A. Grossman, curatorial associate at The Phillips Collection and lecturer for New York University, Washington DC Program

Photography played a critical role in the way African objects came to be appreciated as modern art in the first half of the 20th century. Starting from a Man Ray photograph of an African mask in the Barnes collection, this talk explores the intersection of avant-garde tastes, African art, and photography, in conjunction with the exhibition Live and Life Will Give You Pictures: Masterworks of French Photography, 1890–1950.



Saturday, October 29
2–3 pm Members free

Register online or call 215.278.7200.

Fifteen members of the Crossing chamber choir stand in an arc around the conductor in front of a bright neon backdrop.

The Crossing

Canticles of the Holy Wind

Commissioned by The Crossing chamber choir in 2012, this magnum opus of Pulitzer laureate John Luther Adams is an aural kaleidoscope in which four choirs surround the audience. 

Sunday, October 30
6–7 pm 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130 $35; seniors $25; students $20

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