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Becoming Picasso

Becoming Picasso: From the Academy to Modernism

Instructor: Al Gury, MFA, chair of painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Like many early modern painters, Picasso was deeply influenced by his artistic formation in the academic tradition. This workshop is an artist-led discussion of Picasso’s development as a modernist painter, examining his academic training and the forces influencing his generation of artists. Lectures and gallery discussions illuminate Picasso’s techniques and personal life, as well as the world of early modernist painters in the 20th century.

Tuesdays, October 13–November 3 (4 classes)
6–8 pm 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway $300; members $270

Register online or call 215.278.7200.

Appreciating Impressionism Objectively

Instructor: Marilyn Bauman, adjunct art instructor
Dr. Barnes wrote in The Art in Painting: “The movement known as impressionism was more deeply revolutionary than any preceding movement except the departure by Giotto from the traditions of the Middle Ages.” This course examines the revolutionary art of impressionism’s founders, studies the movement’s sources in artistic tradition, evaluates impressionist techniques, and reviews the modernist legacy. Course takes place in the Paoli Room at Hershey’s Mill, 1500 Greenhill Road, West Chester, PA.

10/29/15 – 11/19/15 (4 sessions)
1-3 pm Hershey’s Mill, West Chester $100; members $90

Register online or call 215.278.7200.

Discovering the Art of American Still Life: From Audubon to Warhol

Instructor:  Christine Stoughton, Ph.D.
Within the genre of American still life painting, there is surprising variety. This course will focus on the discovery of this variety in conjunction with the show Audubon to Warhol: The Art of American Still Life being shown at Philadelphia Museum of Art. Class will meet at the PMA for the November 19th session to view the exhibition. 

Thursdays, 11/12/15 – 12/3/15 (3 sessions; 2 at Barnes and one at PMA)
10am- 12pm Barnes Foundation/Philadelphia Museum of Art $150; members $135

Register online or call 215.278.7200.

Lessons from the Masters, part 2

Instructor: Michael Rossman, MFA
The impact of a great work of art is often the result of many small, calculated gestures. Painters create masterpieces by juxtaposing harmonies of color, line, and other elements. Michael Rossman offers a contemporary artist’s insight into the manipulation of form to create dramatic artistic outcomes. Beginning with the unique use of colors in Van Gogh’s Postman, students explore the art of Matisse, Maurer, and others in the Barnes collection

Mondays, November 16–December 7 (4 classes)
6–8 pm 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway $300; members $270

Register online or call 215.278.7200.

Albert Barnes and African Art

Instructor: Christa Clarke, PhD, senior curator of Arts of Global Africa at the Newark Museum
In the 1920s, Albert Barnes assembled one of the nation’s earliest and most influential collections of African art. This workshop explores the development of the collection and its significance to the Foundation’s vision, as well as Barnes’s role in the Harlem Renaissance. Students gain a deeper understanding of the sculptural traditions at the core of the African art collection and their cultural context.

Tuesdays, November 17–December 8 (4 classes)
6–8 pm 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway $300; members $270

Register online or call 215.278.7200.