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Free First Sundays

Free First Sundays

Free First Sunday presented by PECO

The Barnes offers free admission and programming on the first Sunday of every month. Visitors are welcome to attend talks, performances, and hands-on activities throughout the day. Tickets are limited and cannot be reserved in advance; they are available on-site starting at 9 am. 

First Sundays, 10 am–6 pm; programming 1–4 pm

Free First Sundays is generously presented by PECO.


Free tickets can be obtained on-site at the Barnes Foundation beginning at 9 am. Advance reservations are not available for Free First Sundays. 

This offer is limited to tickets for two adults and two children per transaction. Tickets are limited and available on a first come-first served basis.

Tickets include access to the Collection gallery, special exhibition and any programming taking place that day.

The Barnes Foundation and PECO look forward to welcoming you to Free First Sundays!

September 7
Technology and Education

1–4 pm Keys to the Collection app
Unlock the mysteries of the collection by turning your visit into a game. Go on different art adventures to find the elusive gold key, which wins you the game and unlocks a special room where you can create your own art gallery!  Pick up on-site or download on your Apple device. Barnes staff are on hand to assist and inform guests.

1–1:20 pm Daniel de Jesús performance
Daniel de Jesús is a multidisciplinary artist, playing cello for this performance. Daniel received his musical education under the guidance of Curtis graduate and Philomel cellist Vivian Barton Dozer. His work is multifaceted; he has performed in orchestras, chamber ensembles, rock bands, and Latin ensembles. Daniel has released two albums and an EP of his original work under the moniker TivaTiva. His music is multilayered in its influences of pop, classical, and rock. Stylistically, the music translates ideas of mysticism, spirituality, and mythic fantasy.

1:25–1:45 pm Game Design: ArtSee App
From virtually jumping into masterpieces of the Barnes collection to dashing along colorful art tracks, the Keys to the Collection app project development was serious fun from the very beginning. Learn the ins and outs of game design from Drexel University School of Education professors Dr. Aroutis Foster and Dr. Jen Katz-Buonincontro and the Barnes Foundation director of IT Steve Brady.

1:45–2:15 pm Music Design: ArtSee App
John Avarese, award-winning musician, Drexel University professor, and Keys to the Collection app music composer, presents a number of music examples as part of his discussion on preparing music for media. Avarese has composed over 3,000 commissioned scores, recorded an elegant collection of film music, and done mixing and sound design on hundreds of projects.

2:15–2:35 pm Creation of the Avatars: ArtSee App
Join game designers Kevin Gross and Bobby Speck in a conversation about building cool characters for the new Keys to the Collection app.

2:40–3 pm The Hacktory
The Hactory’s current Artists in Residence share their creations with a talk and examples of the process. The Unknown Territory Artist-In-Residency is a 6-month program for Philadelphia-based artists with an art, music, or performance background but little or no new media, programming, and technology experience, who want to transform their current practice by exploring what’s possible with new technologies. Come see what happens when the arts and technology collide!

3:40–4:20 pm The Barber of Seville, Opera Philadelphia
Opera Philadelphia presents A Taste of Opera with selections from Rossini's beloved comedy, The Barber of Seville. The company discusses how it uses technology for outreach purposes, like its Opera on the Mall event, and its expanding education program, Sounds of Learning. Young artists from the Opera perform selections, including the famous "Largo al factotum" aria. Sample education curricula and study guides are available.

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October 4
Exploring Influences

November 2
Serving others

December 7
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