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Group Tours at the Barnes Foundation
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A visit to the Barnes's unparalleled art collection leaves a lasting impression. The Barnes offers a number of group visit opportunities to satisfy the interests and needs of every group, from business and professional associations to social organizations and educational institutions.

Group Visit Benefits:

Choose from the following group packages:

Premier Group Tour ($60 per person) For groups of 15–60 In the most exclusive of the group opportunities, you can enjoy an intimate, specialized tour of the collection outside of public hours. Led by docents and staff, your tour will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. For reservations, call 215.278.7220

Premium Group Visit ($45 per person) For groups of 15–60 In our newest exclusive offering, tour the Barnes outside of public hours at your own pace with easy-to-use digital audio guides that provide expert commentary, music, and art history references. For reservations, call 215.278.7220


Private Group Tour ($45 per person)
For groups of 15–45
Private tours of the collection during public hours are led by docents and staff. The tours last approximately one hour and can be customized from a range of themes.
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Group Visit Plus ($30 per person)
For groups of 30–60
Your visit begins with a special 30-minute introduction to the collection and Dr. Barnes's unique approach to displaying art. Then, enjoy time in the gallery with a complimentary audio guide for each group member.
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Standard Group Visit ($20 per person)
For groups of 15–60
Tour the Barnes at your own pace with easy-to-use digital audio guides that provide expert commentary, music, and art history references.
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Themed tours:

In addition to our regular tours, choose from one of these new themed offerings led by our expert docents:

  • Durand-Ruel and the Rise of Impressionism
    Paul Durand-Ruel, the famous Parisian art dealer who shaped the 20th-century art market, was crucial to the formation of the legendary Barnes collection. Between 1912 and 1920, Barnes purchased over 100 paintings from the dealer and his sons, including many works by Cézanne, Degas, and Renoir. Explore important impressionist works that made their way into the Barnes collection through this visionary dealer.
  • Renoir Tour: with 181 works in the collection, examine Renoir’s evolving technique and styles over his 40-year career, and learn why Dr. Barnes claimed, “I can never have enough Renoirs.”
  • Cézanne Tour: the Barnes has the largest holding of Cézanne masterpieces in the world. Discover why this artist is heralded as the grandfather of modern art. 
  • Best of the Barnes: enjoy an in-depth tour focusing on a selection of the most historically important masterpieces in the collection.
  • Impressionism Tour: Manet, Degas, Renoir, Monet, Sisley, Cézanne: legendary pioneers of the impressionist movement. Learn about their lush landscapes and innovative techniques that inspired a new way of seeing.
  • Picasso and Matisse Tour: as friends and rivals, Picasso and Matisse pushed the boundaries of modern art in new, dynamic, and inventive ways. Learn how they transformed art as we know it.

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Group visits include access to special exhibitions

Strength and Splendor: Wrought Iron from the Musée Le Secq des Tournelles, Rouen
Ellen Harvey: Metal Painting
September 19, 2015 – January 4, 2016

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