Core Values


Core Values

The Barnes Foundation embraces the core values of respect, integrity, transparency, and providing a learning culture. In addition to a comprehensive benefits package, our performance and talent management systems promote continuous professional development and career advancement for our staff.

Our Core Values

A Learning Culture: we sustain a spirit of adventure by investing in and rewarding curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

  • We offer venues for information sharing, analysis, education, and training that foster professional and institutional growth.
  • We develop individual, departmental, and institutional goals that strive toward excellence and that are coordinated, reassessed regularly, and rewarded when achieved.
  • Enthusiasm and experimentation are honored, respected, and encouraged; we learn from our successes as well as our failures.


Respect: we demonstrate esteem for our community, collections, and culture as a whole.

  • We ensure the safety of our collection, living and non-living alike.
  • We acknowledge the contributions of our entire community including all employees, volunteers, visitors, researchers, donors, and partners, at all points of contact.
  • We honor our founders’ rich legacy in shaping our programs and practices.


Integrity: we fulfill the promise of our mission through behavior that reflects honesty, responsibility, and fairness.

  • We clearly state our intentions and act accordingly, both personally and institutionally.
  • We are forthright and truthful in our interactions with others.
  • The organization supports professional courage by creating an environment and establishing policies such that individuals feel safe to speak up when witness to wrongdoings or when identifying a need for development.


Transparency: we conduct ourselves with openness and candor in all aspects of our work.

  • We seek feedback from all directions to achieve open communication and foster collaboration.
  • We offer constructive feedback to others that is timely, specific, and descriptive.
  • We are proactive in communicating outcomes up, down, and across the entire organization.



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