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Thursdays, April 8–29, 2 – 4:10pm


Unidentified maker. Panel from a Rectangular Box from Umayyad Spain, 10th–early 11th century. Ivory; carved, inlaid with stone with traces of pigment. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. John Stewart Kennedy Fund, 1913. Public Domain.

$220; members $198
(4 classes)

All classes in Eastern time. We encourage you to watch live, but classes can be streamed once the live session ends. See our FAQ.

About the Class

The advent of Islam in the seventh century and its rapid expansion across the Mediterranean stunned the medieval world. This class introduces students to the arts of Islam with a focus on the rich artistic traditions and architectural achievements of its formative medieval period (c. 7th–16th centuries). Throughout the course, we will address issues of politics, religious devotion, and the development of museum collections as they relate to this fascinatingly complex world.

Each week, the main lecture is followed by a 30-minute discussion session that allows students the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas with the instructor and classmates.


Kaelin Jewell

Jewell is a senior instructor in adult education at the Barnes. She holds a PhD in late Roman and early medieval art history from Temple University and has worked as a field archeologist. In addition to her work at the Barnes, Jewell is the art historian for an underwater archaeology project near the Sicilian town of Marzamemi.