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The Decisions Artists Make

On-Site / Understanding Materials and Techniques

Wednesdays, October 6 – October 27, 11am – 1pm


Edgar Degas. Three Dancers with Hair in Braids, c. 1900. BF143. Public Domain.

$220; members $198
(4 classes; on-site)

Understanding Materials and Techniques courses explore the physical aspects of how art is made. You will look closely at artistic materials, techniques, and processes, all of which are essential to understanding how art produces meaning.

About the Class

How do artists create their work? Why do they do what they do? Why choose one medium or technique over another? The goal of this class is to explore how the decisions artists make while producing a work communicate their unique vision and ultimately affect the viewer’s experience. We will discuss these topics while examining select works in the Barnes galleries.

Capacity: 18


Christine Stoughton

Stoughton is a psychologist, art educator, sculptor, and printmaker. An instructor for the Barnes–de Mazia Education Program, she has also taught with the Violette de Mazia Foundation at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and West Chester University.