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Online Class: Decoding Barnes’s Ensembles

The Barnes Method / Online

Thursdays, May 6–27, 2 – 4:10pm


Ensemble view, Room 14, west wall, Philadelphia. © The Barnes Foundation

$220; members $198
(4 classes)

All classes in Eastern time. We encourage you to watch live, but classes can be streamed once the live session ends. See our FAQ.

About the Class

In arranging his collection into groupings called “ensembles,” Albert Barnes disrupted traditional historical and geographic boundaries to focus on the commonalities between fine art and everyday objects. In the ensembles, paintings, metalwork, furniture, ceramics, and textiles are placed side by side in unexpected and surprising ways. Dr. Barnes designed these groupings as teaching tools—and they are still as enigmatic and enlightening to us now as they were in the early 20th century.

Each week, the main lecture is followed by a 30-minute discussion session that allows students the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas with the instructor and classmates.


Deborah Krupp

Krupp has been teaching the Barnes method of aesthetic appreciation for more than ten years, first for the Violette de Mazia Foundation and now for the Barnes.