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We're now offering a greater number of art classes, at a lower cost. We also have need-based scholarships to help make art accessible for everyone. 

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Learn the physical aspects of how art is made.

Art in Context / Understanding Materials and Techniques / The Barnes Method

The Barnes-de Mazia Certificate Program

Monday, January 22 – Tuesday, May 1
This special track offers an immersion in the Barnes method and an introduction to other interpretive approaches.
Understanding Materials and Techniques

Renoir: A Painter’s Painter

Mondays, February 26 – March 19, 6 – 8pm
Artist, printmaker, and author Bill Scott offers his personal reflection on why Renoir resonates so deeply with fellow painters.
Understanding Materials and Techniques

The Decisions Artists Make

Tuesdays, April 3 – April 24, 3:30 – 5:30pm
Learn why artists create, what decisions they make as they engage in the artistic process, and how these decisions affect the viewer’s experience.
Understanding Materials and Techniques

The Barnes Collection: Painting Practice and Materials of the Artist

Mondays, April 9 – April 30, 6 – 8pm
Examine paintings in the collection and learn about media and techniques like fresco, egg tempera, oil, and modern synthetic paints.
Understanding Materials and Techniques

Understanding Color in Painting

Tuesday, June 26, 10am – 4pm
An in-depth look at the color techniques of painters working in oil across a range of artistic movements—from old master painting to impressionism to fauvism.
Understanding Materials and Techniques

Through the Artist’s Eyes

Tuesday, July 17, 10am – 4pm
Join us for a full day of discussion focusing on the artistic process, from the initial concept to the choice of materials to the final product.