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Year-Long Courses

Art & Aesthetics

The Certificate sequence is derived from the Barnes Foundation's original curriculum for the study of art and aesthetics. Instructors for these courses, many of whom are practicing artists, employ a combination of looking and discussion in the Foundation's galleries and classrooms. Participants will gain a greater appreciation for the works of art and the creative process. While there is no prerequisite for individual courses, students who successfully complete the sequence of the Visual literacy, traditions, and ensemble/seminar courses will be recognized with a certificate and will be eligible to enter the Barnes Society of Alumni.

Introduction to Visual Literacy
Instructor: John Gatti, MFA
Section I: Mondays, September 9–May 12, 2014 (28 classes), 6:30–8:30 pm.
Section II: Thursdays, September 12– May 8, 2014 (28 classes), 12–2 pm.

Using ideas pioneered by Albert Barnes and John Dewey, students learn to recognize how artists throughout history use the building blocks of light, line, color, and space, and the design principles of balance, shape, texture, and rhythm. They also learn how artists integrate concepts and theories with techniques and materials. 

$1,500; members $1,350

Instructor: Linda Robinson, MEd
Section I: Tuesdays, September 10–May 6, 2014 (28 classes), 1–3 pm. 
Section II: Tuesdays, September 10–May 6, 2014 (28 classes), 6–8 pm.

Building on skills developed in the Visual Literacy course and the method of looking pioneered by Albert Barnes, Traditions students focus on “the essential continuity of the great traditions” (Albert Barnes, Art in Painting, 1925). Participants make connections between artistic styles and techniques, and they explore, analyze, and interpret works of art from before the Renaissance to the 21st century and the persistence and evolution of Western artistic forms over the last millennium.

$1,500; members $1,350

Tuesdays, September 10–December 10, (Fall Semester, 14 meetings)
11 am–1 pm
Instructor: John Gatti, MFA

Using techniques honed in the Visual Literacy and Traditions courses, students explore the visual, symbolic, and poetic relationships of the ensemble arrangements in the Barnes Foundation galleries.

$900; members $810

*At the conclusion of the Ensemble Study and Thesis Seminar course (offered spring 2014), students who have successfully completed all components of the Barnes Foundation’s certificate sequence are recognized at the Barnes Foundation’s annual graduation, and are welcomed into the Barnes’s Society of Alumni.


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