Year-Long Courses

Art & Aesthetics

The Certificate sequence is derived from the Barnes Foundation's original curriculum for the study of art and aesthetics. Instructors for these courses, many of whom are practicing artists, employ a combination of looking and discussion in the Foundation's galleries and classrooms. Participants will gain a greater appreciation for the works of art and the creative process. Students who enroll in courses will become members of the Barnes Alumni Association.

Introduction to Visual Literacy
Section I: Mondays, September 8–May 11 (28 classes), 6:30–8:30 pm
Section II: Thursdays, September 4–May 7 (28 classes), 12–2 pm

Instructor: John Gatti, MFA

Part of the original Barnes curriculum. Using ideas pioneered by Albert Barnes and John Dewey, learn to read the visual languages of art. By identifying and observing elements, content, and styles in paintings and other media, students discover how artists create form and meaning. 

Section I: Tuesdays, September 2–May 5 (28 classes), 1–3 pm
Section II: Tuesdays, September 2–May 5 (28 classes), 6–8 pm

Instructor: Linda Robinson, MEd or Molly Walker, MA 

Building on skills developed in Visual Literacy and the method of looking pioneered by Albert Barnes and John Dewey, make connections between artistic styles and techniques as you explore works of art from before the Renaissance to the 21st century and discuss the persistence and evolution of Western artistic forms over the last millennium.



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