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Art & Aesthetics

Summer - Fall 2015 Courses

Matisse: In Color and Light
September 1, 2015 (Start of semester course)
1–4 pm or 6–9 pm    
Color was an organizing principle in Matisse’s art. “All I thought about was making my colors sing,” he said. Study the range of the artist’s works in the Barnes collection—the radiant Bonheur de vivre, the monumental Dance mural, and his enchanting final paintings on canvas. Through discussions of the formal elements of art, explore how Matisse worked and learn about his unprecedented artistic journey.
$900; members $810

Reserve Section 1 (1-4pm) or Section 2 (6-9pm) online or call 215.278.7200.

Ensembles - Third Year
September 1, 2015 (Start of semester course)
11 am–1 pm
Instructor: John Gatti, MFA
The Barnes collection contains a diverse range of objects: paintings, furniture, metalwork, other decorative arts, and more. Albert Barnes arranged them into “ensembles” that invite close looking by creating formal connections across traditional categories. Students deepen their understanding of the design, aesthetic, and conceptual associations in the gallery installations.
$900; members $810 

Reserve online or call 215.278.7200.


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