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Come to the Barnes, or we’ll come to you. Our programs will nourish your students’ imaginations and serve your curricular goals.

Online Learning

In addition to Barnes Art Adventures, we offer more ways for teachers and students to connect with art from anywhere with special exhibition resources, programs for high school students, and more.

Juneteenth Lesson & Activity

Juneteenth (June 19) is an annual holiday that commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States in 1865. Many African Americans and others of the African diaspora celebrate this holiday by getting together to share stories of abolition, freedom, resilience, and the path toward empowerment in the present day. Watch and share this special episode of Art: Your Story, led by Barnes educator and artist Jihan Thomas, to learn more about the history of Juneteenth and ways that we can express ourselves through art. (June 2021)

Activity: Juneteenth Freedom Flag. English/Spanish

Resources for Special Exhibitions

The Barnes offers opportunities for students and teachers to learn about artists and art in our special exhibitions. Use the resources below to connect your students to these shows.

Soutine / de Kooning: Conversations in Paint (2021)
This exhibition shows visual connections in the works of two major artists of 20th century.
Activity sheet for students grades 2–4.

High School Programs

Students in grades 9–12 can also explore the Barnes collection online.

Each Friday, students can learn more about the collection in our YouTube series Barnes Takeout. In short videos, curators, scholars, and educators present off-the-cuff musings about some of their favorite Barnes works.


Students can also browse objects in the Barnes collection online by light, line, color, and space, inspired by Dr. Barnes's approach to looking at art.

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