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Come to the Barnes, or we’ll come to you. Our programs will nourish your students’ imaginations and serve your curricular goals.

Online Learning

Are you looking for a virtual museum experience for your students? Our online programs bring art-based learning to classrooms and homes with interactive shows for pre-K–8 students and tools to explore art from anywhere for high school students.

Barnes Art Adventures

Experience the Barnes collection online with free interactive shows for pre-K–8 students—livestreamed directly to your classroom, computer, or smart device. Led by Barnes educators and featuring guest artists, Barnes Art Adventures invite students to explore, analyze, create, and learn—together or apart.

Our programs use an arts-integrated teaching approach and offer choices of dates and topics to meet curricular needs. Shows can provide live instruction for students learning from home or enable students in multiple classrooms to learn at the same time. See our FAQ for more details and schedule your adventure today!


Explore and Create (Pre-K–1)

Early learners experience an interactive show that uses art to explore new ideas, places, and cultures. Students will look at nature in art—including depictions of plants, animals, and real or imaginary landscapes—and even find out what it means to try something new. Episodes feature art, stories, and characters from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

In each episode, a story is read aloud and followed by a discussion about artwork where students are introduced to key concepts and vocabulary. Students and adults work together to respond to the show’s activities, and grown-ups can use the chat feature to share the child’s experiences with the show. Teachers can explore more with postshow materials to use with students or to share with families at home. 30 minutes

Fall 2020 schedule

An Artist’s Lens (Grades 2–4)

Artists question, examine, and share their experiences through their work. In this series, students explore the Barnes collection and other contemporary artwork and discover how artists use their creativity to see the world around them. In each episode, students will be inspired to think like artists and to explore, observe, and experiment based on their surroundings. Students make inferences as they build art vocabulary using a chat feature where they can give their opinion in a poll, make written comments, and use visual art emojis to analyze what they see. This innovative picture-exchange communication encourages close observation and group conversation in a whole new way. Students will be encouraged to continue to express these ideas about art in post-episode activities. 45 minutes

Fall 2020 schedule

Art: Your Story (Grades 5–8)

We all have important stories to tell. Storytelling helps us learn and share our experiences with one another. Artists also tell stories creatively through their artwork, and if we look closely, we can find elements of a story in their work. In this series, we will be looking at artwork from the Barnes collection and reflecting on the stories and emotions that the artists are expressing. In each episode, students will watch a short video about an artwork from the collection, exploring how and why the artist connects to that object, followed by a live chat with a Barnes educator. After the show, students can respond in writing to comprehension questions and creative writing prompts, or with their own art responding to the show. 45 minutes

Fall 2020 schedule

STEAM Art Careers (Grades 5–8)

In this four-episode series, go behind the scenes with gamers, animators, or conservators to learn more about their art forms and explore the skills needed to prepare for these art careers. In each show, students will 1) analyze artworks in the Barnes collection to build the observational skills necessary to communicate ideas visually and 2) solve a real-world challenge using math, science, and engineering skills.

How do you storyboard a digital world? How do you study fragile artworks? How are these activities related to STEM? Students will investigate these questions and more by working with Barnes educators and interviewing guest artists in fields that incorporate STEM learning to understand their work and solve the challenges. 45 minutes per episode; series begin quarterly in October, January, and April.

Fall 2020 schedule

High School Programs

Though Barnes Art Adventures are intended for younger audiences, students in grades 9–12 can also explore the Barnes collection online.

Each Friday, students can learn more about the collection in our YouTube series Barnes Takeout. In short videos, curators, scholars, and educators present off-the-cuff musings about some of their favorite Barnes works.


Students can also browse objects in the Barnes collection online by light, line, color, and space, inspired by Dr. Barnes's approach to looking at art.

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