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Come to the Barnes, or we’ll come to you. Our programs will nourish your students’ imaginations and serve your curricular goals.

Barnes Art Adventures

Barnes Art Adventures is a new interactive educational program livestreaming on this spring. Designed by Barnes educators, the program brings art and artists directly to students.

Watch live episodes Wednesdays at 11am on You’ll find follow-up activities related to each episode here, as well as links to recorded shows.

If you have questions about the program or a specific episode, please email us.

Ep. 3: The Art of Henri Rousseau

This week, we looked at the art of painter Henri Rousseau and learned how to make and move a tiger puppet with Sebastienne Mundheim from White Box Theatre.

Watch the episode. (aired May 27, 2020)

Related Art + Activities

Ep. 3: The Art of Henri Rousseau

In this episode, we talked about:

Henri Rousseau’s
Study for View of the Pont de Sèvres
Monkeys and Parrot in the Virgin Forest
The Rabbit's Meal
Scouts Attacked by a Tiger

Now try this activity:

Make a Tiger Puppet ... and Tell a Story

You'll need a piece of recyclable cardboard (such as a cereal box or file folder), scissors, glue, and markers, crayons, or magazines.

  • Draw a tiger like this one on cardboard and cut it out. (You can also print a copy and glue it to the cardboard first.)
  • Color your tiger with markers or crayons, or decorate it with collage by gluing cut strips of magazine pages.
  • Cut out the tiger's front leg at the shoulder; you will use this leg to animate the tiger.
  • Next, bring your tiger to life by creating a Puppet Show Storyboard.

Upcoming Episodes

Ep. 4: Art and Movement

Learn about how artists represent movement in their work. Dancer and teaching artist Jennifer Turnbull of Spiral Q will share even more about how art, movement, and performance can connect you to your community.

Watch live via on Wednesday, June 3, at 11 am ET.

Past Episodes

Ep. 1: Circus Arts at the Barnes

This week, we looked at circus-inspired paintings in the Barnes collection and met a performer from the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts!

Watch the episode. (aired May 13, 2020)

Related Art + Activities

Charles Demuth’s
Two Acrobats in Red Tights
In Vaudeville: Two Acrobat-Jugglers

Georges Rouault’s
Acrobat with Two Dogs (Clown)

Pablo Picasso’s
Acrobat and Young Harlequin

Now try these activities:

Home-Based Watercolors

Experiment with watercolor to make your own circus figures. Try this easy recipe for homemade watercolors. No paintbrushes? Use an alternative:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Flowers or leaves
  • Cut-up sponges

Watercolor Challenge

Art Classification

Ep. 2: Public Art and Mural Making

In this episode, we looked at public art in Philadelphia as well as large-scale works in the Barnes collection with Taty Hernandez, a teaching artist from Mural Arts Philadelphia.

Watch the episode. (aired May 20, 2020)

Related Art + Activities

Henri Matisse’s
The Dance

El Greco’s
Apparition of the Virgin and Child to Saint Hyacinth

Now try these activities:

Make a Mural
In this lesson, you'll learn about how abstract artists use rhythm to represent movement and action in their work. Then, follow the steps to make your own miniature mural!

Public Art Poetry
Public art makes our outdoor spaces more beautiful. Philadelphia has so many murals that some call it the City of Murals! Write a poem inspired by your favorite Philly mural from Mural Arts’ website.

Math Messages
Did you know that artworks can communicate hidden math messages? Explore the math and geometry that artists use to create their compositions.

Origami: Math and Art
Challenge your art and math skills by making origami! Follow the steps to fold a paper boat.

Matisse’s Maquettes
Henri Matisse used paper cutouts to create maquettes, or models, of larger artworks. Learn about this method and design a stained glass window from paper.

Looking for art materials or more activities to do at home? Try the Barnes Shop. Mention "Barnes Art Adventure" for a discount.