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Come to the Barnes, or we’ll come to you. Our programs will nourish your students’ imaginations and serve your curricular goals.

Barnes Art Adventures

Are you looking for a virtual museum experience for your students? Barnes Art Adventures bring free art-based learning to you with interactive shows for students—livestreamed directly to their computer or smart device.

Led by Barnes educators and featuring guest artists, Barnes Art Adventures is a live online presentation that asks students to explore, analyze, create, and learn about art, while also practicing appropriate “netiquette.” From their own devices, students use chat and emoji features to actively engage in the show and respond to hosts, moderators, and their peers in real time.

Barnes Art Adventures uses an arts-integrated approach to teach across curriculums with age-appropriate activities specifically designed for our online learning format. Shows provide live instruction for students learning from their devices in school or at home and enables students in multiple locations to learn at the same time. See our  FAQ  for more details and schedule your adventure today! Find more online learning opportunities in our teacher resources.

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This how-to video gives an in-depth preview of what to expect from Barnes Art Adventures.

Explore and Create (Pre-K–1)

Early learners experience an interactive show that uses art to explore new ideas, places, and cultures. Students will look at nature in art—including depictions of plants, animals, and real or imaginary landscapes—and even find out what it means to try something new. Episodes feature art, stories, and characters from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

In each episode, a story is read aloud and followed by a discussion about artwork where students are introduced to key concepts and vocabulary. Students and adults work together to respond to the show’s activities, and grown-ups can use the chat feature to share the child’s experiences with the show. Teachers can explore more with post-show materials to share with students. 30 minutes

An Artist’s Lens (Grades 2–4)

Artists question, examine, and share their experiences through their work. In this series, students explore the Barnes collection and other contemporary artwork and discover how artists use their creativity to see the world around them. In each episode, students are inspired to think like artists and to explore, observe, and experiment based on their surroundings. Students make inferences as they build art vocabulary using a chat feature where they can give their opinion in a poll, make written comments, and use visual art emojis to analyze what they see. Students will be encouraged to continue to express these ideas about art in post-episode activities. 45 minutes

STEAM Challenge (Grades 5–8)

In this series, we go behind the scenes with art professionals—game designers, animators, art conservators, and more—to explore how science and math skills are used in their fields. Students will gain real-world context for important STEM concepts. How does an art conservator use X-rays to solve art mysteries?

How do you design a video game based on the mathematic relationships between objects in a scene? How can observing natural environments inform the creation of animated stories? Students will investigate these questions and more, and work with Barnes educators and guest artists in creative STEM fields to solve a challenge! Activities address Next Generation Science Standards or Standards for Mathematical Practice. 45 minutes