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FAQ: Barnes Art Adventures

What do we need to participate in Barnes Art Adventures?
Participants will need internet access and a Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), or Android device. Each student will be given a direct link to access their scheduled show via a secure website. Since students write in response to activities on the show, each student should log on using their own device. Sharing the program on a smartboard or other screen is not recommended.

Which grades can sign up for Barnes Art Adventures?
We currently offer Art Adventure programs grades pre-K–8, with special episodes for older grades.

How do I reserve a Barnes Art Adventure?
Complete the online learning request form with your grade level and preferred month. Your participation will be confirmed via email by a member of our education team.

How do I tune in on our scheduled day/time?
About a week before showtime, teachers will receive an email with information including show details, chat rules, and a secure link to share with students and chaperones.

Can we watch the show at a different time?
Shows are meant to be experienced live and with students using their own devices, as they include engaging chat discussions with groups of students interacting together. We do not record shows for later use.

What time zone are you using for classes?
All shows are livestreamed in eastern time.

What is the minimum/maximum number of students to participate?
We can accommodate up to 250 students (or eight classrooms) per live episode. Priority will be given to large school groups that can fill a full time slot. If you have fewer students or classrooms, you are invited to join us with the understanding that your students may share the experience with students from another school.

Can I participate in the show?
Yes. We encourage teachers to log in from their own location and interact with students and speakers via the chat. Teachers should, as appropriate, encourage students to respond to the show and ensure that all students are following the chat rules. The more teachers and administrators who actively participate in the show, the better the experience is for all. Ask your principal to log on and say hello!

How can I prepare my students for the show?
Teachers should prepare students for interacting online by reviewing these important “netiquette rules” and the Barnes chat rules listed below. Please remind students that abbreviating bad language is as unacceptable as spelling the words out. Inappropriate language will result in the student being muted from the chat for the remainder of the show.

What are the rules of the chat?

  1. Use words and emojis to respond to ideas in the show.
  2. Support your classmates! Like their comments or send a positive emoji.
  3. Use appropriate language and make respectful comments.
  4. Do not spam or make unkind comments.
  5. Teachers receive a copy of all the comments in the chat.

Can I take attendance or give instructions to my students?
Teachers and students will be invited to log in 15 minutes before showtime to say hello and chat with students. Following their show, teachers will receive related analytics, including chat logs, number of participating students, and times students logged in and out.

Teachers are invited to share their thoughts in the chat throughout the show to help us encourage, validate, and/or redirect students' chat responses.

Can I make special requests for my class’s Barnes Art Adventure?
We encourage you to provide details specific to your class in the request form so that we may think creatively about ways to engage with your group. Show topics and lessons are preplanned, and special requests cannot be guaranteed.

Can I schedule my class’s Barnes Art Adventure for a specific date or time?
No. Our weekly live shows involve staff members from many departments, so unfortunately the timing is not flexible. We recommend thinking of your Barnes Art Adventure as a field trip for scheduling purposes. Our 2021–22 live show schedule is below, and more detailed information about each show can be found online.

Wednesdays, 9:30 – 10am & 11 – 11:30am

Grades 2–4
Tuesdays, 10 – 10:45am & 1 – 1:45pm

Grades 5–8
Tuesdays, 10 – 10:45am & 1 – 1:45pm

Can I request more than one Barnes Art Adventure for my classroom?
Yes! However, priority will be given to classes participating for the first time.

What can I expect from a Barnes Art Adventure?
This how-to video gives an in-depth preview of what to expect from Barnes Art Adventures. During each program, your students will be asked to:

• Respond to questions and participate in activities led by a Barnes educator or guest artist via a live chat window. No student faces or voices appear on-screen.
• React to questions about paintings and objects using custom art emojis.
• Vote on various topics using interactive polls.

How does my class interact live on the platform?
You and your students will interact directly with art experts in real time through a chat feature with custom art emojis that help to explain the elements and principles of art. Additional emojis help students share how they feel about a painting or describe what they are seeing.

For example, our presenters might zoom in on a painting and ask students to choose an emoji that matches certain visual elements, such as lines, textures, or space. In effect, this emoji system is a new visual language that helps children of many learning levels and abilities, including ELL or nonverbal students, communicate with the presenters and each other.

How does the show align with my curricular standards?
Pre-K–1 students explore topics such as feelings and nature, encouraging them to communicate in different ways. Older students learn about STEM art careers and how to see through an artist’s lens.

In each episode, students practice creative and critical thinking. They learn about art and artists, participate in guided activities, and express their thoughts and feelings through words and pictures.

What security and safety protocols are in place?
Teachers and students will be assigned a one-time personal link to log in before their episode.

Barnes staff members moderate the chat during the live show, ensuring conversations are productive and fun for everyone. Our moderators can ban/block/delete participants if they are not following the chat rules.

How can I contact the Barnes’s education team?
Email us
or call 215.278.7308. Technical help will be available during your show.