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Artist Bash: Activated Peoples

Nightlife / Music / Social / Performance

Saturday, November 16, 8 – 11pm


A performer for Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers.

About the Event

Tonight, we feature artists who perform as they create, activating their histories, identities, and passions.

Be part of a living installation created by photographer Shawn Theodore, watch a modern take on traditional Asian dance by Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers, hear music by Lizzie Harp that disrupts stereotypes of classical music, listen to violin virtuoso Justus Rivera, and see performance artist Sherman Fleming bring a personal story about a drive through the American South to life.

Includes access to the Barnes collection and the 30 Americans exhibition.

Featured Artists

Lizzie Harp disrupts musical stereotypes.

Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers draw upon Eastern philosophies while expanding the perimeter of contemporary dance.

Shawn Theodore blends photography, collage, and sculpture to express African American legacies.

Artist Sherman Fleming explores the body’s expressive power in his performance.


This program is created in partnership with iHeartRADIO, OneHunted, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, and Small but Mighty Arts. It is part of the 12th annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.