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Artist Bash: To Die For

Nightlife / Music / Social / Performance

Friday, February 14, 8 – 11pm


Join the procession! La Calaca Flaca offers a vibrant tribute to lost loved ones.

About the Event

Tonight, we’re offering an extreme take on Valentine’s Day, celebrating cultural traditions, music, and memories tied together by the exploration of love and loss.

Seabrook Minyo Dance Club draws inspiration from the Japanese spirit festival Obon, while La Calaca Flaca leads a lively Day of the Dead procession from Mexico to the Barnes. Philly poets David Acosta and Susan DiPronio reminisce about lost love with help from Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and other Victorian writers. Mabeline Diorio (drag songstress Cookie Diorio’s alter ego) dedicates a cabaret performance to a famous former flame. Chinese shadow puppet artist Hua Hua Zhang shares stories that blur the lines between dreams, memories, and reality. And the band Zendog pays tribute to the legendary rock of the Grateful Dead.

Includes access to the Barnes collection.

Featured Artists

Tonight’s performers draw on ancestors, lost loves, and nearly forgotten traditions.

Hua Hua Zhang creates a performance that evokes memory and tradition.

Appearing as Whoville's fabulous ex-Mrs. Grinch, Mabeline Diorio brings a rocky relationship to life in a vibrant cabaret.

Zendog pays tribute to the Grateful Dead in tonight’s performance.

David Acosta and Susan DiPronio build on the work of Victorian poets.

La Calaca Flaca’s lively Day of the Dead procession honors lost loved ones with traditional costumes and dance.

A performer at Seabrook Farms Buddhist Church Obon Festival, 1952. Tonight, Seabrook Minyo Dance Club brings the centuries-old tradition to the Barnes.

Tonight’s Lineup

In Order of Performance:
David Acosta and Susan DiPronio
Seabrook Minyo Dance Club
Mabeline Diorio
La Calaca Flaca
David Acosta and Susan DiPronio
Hua Hua Zhang


This program is created in partnership with iHeartRADIO, OneHunted, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, and Small but Mighty Arts. It is part of the 12th annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.