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Through May 1


Vincent van Gogh. Houses and Figure (detail), 1890. BF136. Public Domain.

At-Home Activities and Inspiration

We’re sharing this monthly offering of cultural, creative, and artistic inspiration in one easy place! This April, we’re spotlighting Lithuanian culture and music. Plus, explore the art of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh with hands-on art projects and engaging talks. Activities available through May 1.

Creative Partner

Lithuanian Consulate of Philadelphia

Painter Chaïm Soutine, one of the artists represented in Soutine / de Kooning, was born in Lithuania, in an area that is modern-day Belarus. In celebration of his home, we’ve partnered with the Lithuanian Consulate to spotlight the traditional music and dance of the region. Enjoy this performance from the 2014 Lithuanian Song Festival in Vilnius, the city where Soutine first studied art.

Art Experiences

Van Gogh: Landscape, Color, and More

Take a closer look at Vincent van Gogh with us this month. Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands, just like artist Willem de Kooning from our show Soutine / de Kooning. With these activities, you can explore Van Gogh’s life and work, learn how to paint a landscape, and practice making art using common household items.

Colorful Arrangements
Artists like Van Gogh pair complementary colors to add brightness to their paintings. Learn how to use a color wheel to create some fun pictures with objects in your home! Art project, ages 5–12. Available en Español.

Art Your Story: Vincent van Gogh
Examine Van Gogh’s unique technique for creating landscape paintings, and learn how to create your own. Online class, ages 13 and under. This lesson was recorded in fall 2020, there is no live chat component.

Barnes Takeout: Art Talk on Van Gogh’s Postman
You’ve got mail! This short talk explores Van Gogh’s expressive portrait of his friend, the postman Joseph Roulin.