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Daily, 1 – 2pm


Vincent van Gogh. Houses and Figure (detail), 1890. BF136. Public Domain.

$35 weekdays; $45 weekends; members free

About the Tour

Each month, our Spotlight Tours focus on a different artist or theme, allowing for a deeper dive into specific areas of the collection.

This July, discover the artists in the collection who made their mark with little or no art school training. Explore how they avoided the narrow academic paths that standardized artistic styles and instead developed new techniques, making some of the most innovative and radical work of their time.

Before and after the tour, you’re invited to explore the collection and special exhibition galleries.

Self-Taught Artists

These painters avoided academic influence and developed their own radical styles.

Horace Pippin. Supper Time, c. 1940. BF985. Public Domain.

Paul Gauguin. Mr. Loulou (Louis Le Ray), 1890. BF589. Public Domain.

Henri Rousseau. Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest, 1905. BF388. Public Domain.

John Kane. Girl Coming Down Garden Steps, undated. BF1150. © 2019 Estate of John Kane