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Daily, 1 – 2pm


Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Andrée in Pink, Reclining (detail), c. 1918. BF921. Public Domain.

$35 weekdays; $45 weekends; members free

About the Tour

Each month, our Spotlight Tours focus on a different artist or theme, allowing for a deeper dive into specific areas of the collection.

Throughout his life, Pierre-Auguste Renoir surrounded himself with women. His wife, lovers, and friends often found their way onto his canvases. These models, muses, and partners provided the artist with a continual source of inspiration, and they became the center of the artistic worlds he constructed over his long career.

Before and after the tour, you’re invited to explore the collection galleries.

Renoir’s Muses

Find out more about the women in Renoir’s life and their influence on his art.

Odalisque with Tea Set, c. 1917–1919. BF1136. Public Domain.

The Source, 1875. BF908. Public Domain.

Portrait of Mademoiselle Marie Murer, 1877. BF712. Public Domain.

Nude Woman Reclining, c. 1917–1919. BF1142. Public Domain.

Rising, c. 1909. BF232. Public Domain.