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​Website Accessibility

We are committed to making the content on this website accessible to people with disabilities. Our efforts to improve are ongoing. If you have difficulty accessing content, please contact us by email and we will try to make it accessible to you. We welcome your suggestions.

Philadelphia Campus

Barrier-Free Entry
The main entrance of the Barnes Foundation’s building is barrier free.

The entire building is accessible to individuals using standard-size wheelchairs. All floors are accessible by elevator.

A limited number of standard manual wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations are necessary. Because of the small size of the galleries, some larger mobility devices may not be accommodated in all spaces. Please contact us by email or call 215.278.7200 for more information about specific access concerns.

Designated parking for vehicles with handicapped stickers or license plates, including van-accessible parking, is first-come, first-served in our parking lot on Pennsylvania Avenue between 20th and 21st Streets.

Restroom Facilities
We have wheelchair-accessible restrooms on the Lower Level and in the Garden Restaurant.

Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices amplify and clarify sound by cutting down or eliminating ambient noise. Anyone with or without a hearing aid may use assistive listening devices in the auditorium and during collection tours. Headsets and t-coil loops are distributed free of charge; ask any staff member for help.

Sign Language Interpreters
Sign language interpreters are available for lectures, workshops, special events, and reserved docent tours. Please request a sign language interpreter at least three weeks before your reserved date, via email or by calling 215.278.7200.

Closed Captioning
Open or closed captioning is available with most film and video presentations.

Service Animals
Trained service animals are welcome at the Barnes. No pets or other animals are permitted.

Personal Care Assistants
Any paid personal care attendant (PCA) accompanying a visitor with severe disabilities will be admitted free of charge. A request for complimentary admission for a PCA should be made at the time the visitor with disabilities purchases their ticket. Visitors who wish to purchase advance tickets should email us or call 215.278.7200 to request a complimentary ticket for a paid PCA.

To help make the Barnes accessible to all, we offer free admission to ACCESS/EBT cardholders, including those receiving medical assistance only. For more information on discounts and free access to the Barnes, see Ways to Save.

Educational Programs
We are committed to making our educational programs available to individuals with disabilities. If you are interested in enrolling in any educational program held at the Philadelphia campus and you use a mobility device or have any disability that requires an accommodation to participate, please call 215.278.7314 to discuss how we can help meet your needs.

For more information, please email us or call 215.278.7200.