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Copyright & Image Licensing

Unless otherwise indicated, the text and images found at are the property of the Barnes Foundation. © 2024 Barnes Foundation. All rights reserved.


The Barnes Foundation welcomes the use of images of our collection, but we ask that you respect our rights and reproductions policies as you proceed.

If you are interested in using an image from the collection, please refer to the Foundation's Image Reproduction Policy before submitting your request. Please note that not all items in the collections have been photographed. The Barnes reserves the right to deny requests when the number of images requested is considered excessive.

Study and Personal Use
Please submit a request for images used for study and presentation purposes.

Rights and Reproduction
If you wish to include a Barnes image in print, electronic, or broadcast media, please email your request with the following details included:

  • For-profit/nonprofit status of requesting institution
  • Title, author(s), publisher, media format(s)
  • Expected publication date, print run, and distribution
  • Image reproduction size (i.e. 1/4, 1/2, full-page, cover)

Fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Applicants can expect a response within one to two weeks.

Occasionally, images may be licensed for use on merchandise. The integrity of objects from the collection must be preserved in all reproductions, therefore all licensed product designs are subject to the Foundation’s approval prior to their publication and marketing.

All image requests, regardless of their intended purpose, should be submitted to