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Study art history at the Barnes, a leader in art education since 1925. Come learn in our galleries, or take classes online using our immersive, state-of-the-art platform that brings you closer to the work than ever before.

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These traditional courses, derived from the teachings of Albert Barnes and Violette de Mazia, focus on formal analysis and direct visual engagement with works of art. In this method, close looking at art helps build critical-thinking skills that can be carried beyond the Barnes.

Exploring Pictorial Space
On-Site / Barnes Method

Exploring Pictorial Space

Tuesdays, May 7 – May 28, 1 – 3pm

Take a closer look at the ways artists create the illusion of depth in paintings and other works of two-dimensional art. Instructor: Michael Williamson

Close-Looking Immersion: Matisse’s <i>Red Madras Headdress</i>
Online / Barnes Method

Close-Looking Immersion: Matisse’s Red Madras Headdress

Wednesday, May 8, 12 – 1:30pm

This new series of single-session immersions focuses on individual works in the collection. Instructor: Kaelin Jewell