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Upcoming Exhibition

Matisse & Renoir: New Encounters at the Barnes

June 23 – September 8, 2024

Experience a fresh perspective on two important modern painters.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Mussel-Fishers at Berneval (detail), 1879. BF989. Public Domain.

Adults $30; seniors $28 (tickets good for 2 days); students $5; members free

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About the Exhibition

Matisse & Renoir: New Encounters at the Barnes, presented in the Roberts Gallery, offers a fresh perspective on renowned canvases from the collection. Featuring approximately 35 iconic works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Henri Matisse from the second floor of the collection galleries, the exhibition reflects the expansion of the Barnes’s educational program and emphasizes the historical and cultural context of the works.

Tracing the creative development of two foundational artists of European modernism, this exhibition will display Matisse and Renoir paintings from the same period in proximity for the first time, including Matisse’s The Joy of Life (1905–6) and Red Madras Headdress (1907) and Renoir’s Leaving the Conservatory (1876–77) and Mussel-Fishers at Berneval (1879). Creating space for new conversations between works—a critical aspect of education, research, and public access—it will give audiences a rare opportunity to temporarily view these paintings in new contexts and juxtapositions.

From May 30 to September 13, 2024, during the run of this exhibition, the second floor of the Barnes collection will be temporarily closed for refinishing.

Exhibition Organization

Matisse & Renoir: New Encounters at the Barnes is organized by curator Cindy Kang and assistant curator Corrinne Chong.


Matisse & Renoir: New Encounters at the Barnes is sponsored by:

Additional support is provided by the Barnes Docents and other generous individuals.

Ongoing funding for exhibitions comes from the Christine and Michael Angelakis Exhibition Fund, the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Exhibition Fund, the Lois and Julian Brodsky Exhibition Fund, the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, the Christine and George Henisee Exhibition Fund, Aileen and Brian Roberts, and the Tom and Margaret Lehr Whitford Exhibition Fund.

In addition, funding for all exhibitions comes from contributors to the Barnes Foundation Exhibition Fund:

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