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Partner Programs

The pre-K program emphasizes the role of visual arts in the lives of pre-kindergarten students and educators by expanding the typical early childhood concept of art from just artmaking to the experience of looking at, talking about, and making connections to art and artists. Learn more.

Grade 3
The third-grade program connects to literacy and the English language arts curriculum. Students learn to “read” artworks just as they read texts. By looking carefully at art, third graders sharpen their observational and critical-thinking skills. Learn more.

Grade 5
This STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) explores the elements of composition—light, line, color, space, and shape—and their connection to mathematics, science, and visual arts. Students become art detectives, examining works from both artistic and scientific perspectives, investigating artist’s techniques, and creating claims about meaning in artworks supported by evidence. Learn more.

Grade 7
Seventh graders expand their understanding of social studies and English language arts through this program. Students explore how artists express themselves and learn to share their own artistic voices in writing and artwork, both in their classrooms and at the Barnes. Learn more.

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