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About the Campaign

Discover why after every visit, you’ll never stop seeing the Barnes.

With thousands of diverse works arranged without labels or categories, the Barnes invites you to think for yourself, make surprising connections, and speak art’s universal language. We've invited community partners to participate in our #SeeingtheBarnes campaign by selecting a painting from the Barnes collection that speaks to them.

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Greene, the Barnes Foundation’s curator of public programs, sees the Barnes collection as incredibly diverse—showcasing works from many cultural backgrounds. “Most people think it’s a collection of European artists. It’s not. It’s not exclusively that.”

In 2012, when the Barnes moved to its new home on the Parkway, Kathleen was tasked with bringing in the Foundation’s first-ever lineup of public programs. Since then, she’s remained committed to putting a spotlight on artists and performers that mirror the collection’s diversity and to maintaining the community partnerships that have played a crucial role in public programming.

Reflecting on the Barnes’s community partners, Kathleen notes how Erica from Small But Mighty Arts comes with “a breadth of knowledge about performing artists in the Philadelphia area,” and Rob from the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival is “a walking history lesson of Asian music, film, and art.”

Erica and Rob collaborate with Kathleen on Artist Bash, an event held three times a year at the Barnes, which provides emerging and established artists a platform to shine. Kathleen says that these events, which draw up to 600 guests of a range of ages and ethnicities, “have captured people’s imagination and enthusiasm for celebrating the arts in a way that shares the playing field with everyone.”

When asked to choose paintings from the Barnes collection, Kathleen was drawn to two portraits of women: Renoir’s Before the Bath and Glackens’s Woman with Green Hat. She loved the playfulness of women appearing in fancy accessories or bathing in public—both of which she is unlikely to do!

How We Did It

See how we paired Kathleen’s image with her chosen artwork.

Kathleen sitting for her portrait.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Before the Bath (Avant le bain), c. 1875. BF9. Public Domain.

Kathleen’s portrait in progress.

The final ad pairing Kathleen with Renoir’s painting Before the Bath.

More Community Partners

Meet our partners who have participated in the campaign so far.