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Artist Project: Andrea Hornick: Unbounded Histories

January 6 – May 22, 2017

About the Exhibition

Unbounded Histories is a sound intervention in the Barnes Collection Gallery. This site-specific piece by Philadelphia artist Andrea Hornick can be streamed on any web-enabled phone as you explore the collection.

Hornick’s piece comprises a string of poems responding to specific works in the Barnes collection. The poems subvert the logic of traditional audio tours by offering unexpected narratives and dreamlike imagery. Hornick worked for months directly in the collection, putting herself in a trancelike state in order to access the depths of her own psyche, letting the works of art lead her toward stories and images that the mind normally keeps buried. The narratives—deeply personal, and often with a feminist edge—emerged from these sessions.

The resulting juxtaposition of sound and sight encourages us to consider works in the Barnes collection in a new way—as portals to the unconscious.

This exhibition is made possible with support from the William Penn Foundation.

Hear an Excerpt

Listen to a portion of Unbounded Histories on VERSO, our new behind-the-scenes podcast series. 

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