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Online Classes FAQ

Q: What platform do you use for online classes?
A: We use Microsoft Teams. Once you register, you will receive log-in credentials to access your class and any additional resources.

Q: Can I use an iPad?
A: Yes, classes can be streamed on any Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), or Android device.

Q: What if I can’t watch the class at the scheduled time?
A: Each class is recorded and can be accessed within 30 minutes of the class’s completion.

Q: Do I need to watch that day?
You can watch the class anytime you want: join the class an hour into the session or three days later. You can even watch the same class multiple times!

Q: What time zone are you using for classes?
A: Classes are livestreamed in eastern time.

Q: What if I register for the class the same day it begins?
A: If you register the day the class begins, you may receive your log-in credentials after the class has started. That is okay, because you can join the class in progress or watch the recording later that day.

Q: Will I have different log-in information if I sign up for multiple classes?
A: No, you will have one log-in, and all classes you are registered for will appear on your home screen.

Q: How long will I have access to the class portal?
A: You can access the portal for six months after your last class.

Q: Do you need a membership to take online classes?
A: No, but a Barnes Foundation membership provides a 10% discount on classes, along with many other benefits.

Q: How will the Barnes Foundation contact me?
A: You will receive an email from the Barnes Foundation; if you haven't heard from us, please check your spam folder or deleted items.

Q: Do these classes count toward the Barnes-de Mazia Certificate Program?
A: Yes. For example, an online Art in Context class would complete the requirement for one four-week course in that category.

Q: I would love to take an online class but am unable to afford the tuition.
A: We offer scholarships in every class, and you can apply online.

Still have questions? Email us.