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Barnes Classes FAQ

Does the Barnes offer on-site classes?
Yes, just as our founder Dr. Albert C. Barnes did after he chartered the Barnes as an institution for art education in 1922, we offer classes on-site—both in our galleries, surrounded by art, as Dr. Barnes and his fellow instructors did, and in our state-of-the-art auditorium. To see which classes are currently being offered on-site at the Barnes, click the “On-Site” button on the navigation bar atop our Take a Class page.

What sets Barnes classes apart from other online classes?
Our ultramodern VXP (visual experience platform) is unlike any other online learning tool. You can zoom in on details that aren’t accessible when viewing an artwork in person, and “explore mode” lets you investigate even the smallest details, so that you are in control of your own learning experience. Most online art history and art appreciation classes are prerecorded; with Barnes classes, you can engage in dialogue with expert instructors, including art historians, curators, conservators, and practicing artists from around the world, alongside likeminded learners, all in real time.

What time zone are classes streamed live from?
Classes are livestreamed in Eastern time.

What platforms do you use for online classes?
We use Barnes Learning as a hub for the course syllabus, supplemental materials, and links to weekly class sessions. Classes are streamed in our own VXP (visual experience platform). Students will experience unprecedented views of art and objects in the Barnes collection and others from around the world.

Do I need to participate that day?
Live classes are recorded and made available to watch later. You can join a live class anytime during the session or watch the recording later. You can even watch the same class multiple times. We strive to post recordings in a timely manner, but in some cases, the recordings are posted to Barnes Learning several days after the class. Recordings of your class will be accessible for at least six months after the class has completed.

Can I use an iPad?
Yes, classes can be streamed on any Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), or Android device. The Barnes strives to make this site compatible with all devices. For the fullest experience on the VXP, it is recommended you use a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to participate in your online class.

What if I register for the class the same day it begins?
If you register the day the class begins, you may receive your information about how to access the Barnes Learning Hub after the class has started. That is okay because all classes are recorded!

Am I able to register for a class after the first session?
Yes, you can register for online classes up until the second session. Please note that it is not possible to register for on-site classes after the first session.

Will I have different log-in information if I sign up for multiple classes?
No! When you enroll in a class, the email you provide us is how you will access Barnes Learning.

How do I access Barnes Learning?
Barnes Learning is a web-based portal:

How long will I have access to the online class portal?

You can access Barnes Learning and the class portal for six months after your last class.

Do you need to be a Barnes member to take online classes?

No, but a Barnes membership provides a 10% discount on classes, along with many other benefits, including exclusive early registration for fall and spring classes.

How will the Barnes contact me?
You will receive an email upon registration; if you haven't heard from us, please check your spam folder or deleted items.

Do these classes count toward the Barnes–de Mazia Certificate Program?
Yes. Learn more about the Barnes-de Mazia Certificate Program.

I would love to take a Barnes class but am unable to afford the tuition.
In a major step toward realizing Dr. Barnes’s original mission of making art education accessible for all, the Barnes began offering need-based scholarships in 2016. Since then, we have provided about 1,400 need-based scholarships to students who otherwise may not have been able to participate. Apply online.

Still have questions? Email us.