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“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” —John Dewey

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a student or scholar researching a work in your collection. Can the Barnes provide me with more information?
Yes! We’re happy to work with you. Please review the resources in our online collection database, digital and on-site archives, recent publications, and library. If you have further questions, contact

Can the Barnes help me research paintings or objects from other collections?
The Barnes only performs research on works in our collection. However, if you have a work of art that relates to one in our collection or was made by an artist in our collection, we may be able to provide some related resources. Please see our online collection, archives, publications, and library.

Can the Barnes authenticate or appraise a work of art?
We do not appraise or verify the authenticity of artworks.

I’m interested in selling or donating a work of art to the Barnes. Who should I contact?
The Barnes is not a collecting institution and therefore does not generally acquire new works of art for its collection. However, if you would like to donate materials to the archives, please contact

I have a question about the provenance or ownership history of a work currently or formerly in the Barnes collection. Who should I contact?
We welcome information and inquiries concerning the provenance of our paintings and other collection objects. Please send inquiries to For more information about provenance research at the Barnes, see our Provenance Statement.

I found inaccurate information about a Barnes object in the online collection or Barnes Focus. Who should I contact?

I have a question about the history of the Barnes. Who should I contact?

I want to see a specific work of art during my visit to the Barnes. How can I find out if that work is on view?
Please look for the work in our online collection; the viewing status is listed below the image. If you want to know whether something will be on view for a future visit, contact

I’m interested in borrowing a work of art from the Barnes for an exhibition at my institution. Who should I contact?
The Barnes lends objects from its collection on a limited basis under multiple stipulations. Requests must be received at least a year in advance. Please contact for more information or to submit a loan request.