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Immersive technology brings world-class art to your fingertips.

New Students Get 10% Off a Barnes Class

Art is a powerful agent for learning, personal growth, and social progress. We’ve been teaching people from all walks of life to think critically and see the world differently through art inside our galleries for 100 years. Now, with our innovative, user-friendly technology, we’re able to bring our unique teaching method to all corners of the world in a singularly immersive experience. When you take an online class with one of our expert instructors, you’ll not only increase your understanding of art, you’ll also build a sense of community with fellow art lovers and deepen your appreciation for cultures and histories you may not know.

Scholarships available. Check out our FAQs for more information on online classes. Barnes classes also make great gifts.

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Upcoming Online Classes

Art in Context

Art and Literature of the Harlem Renaissance

Thursdays, February 2 – February 23, 1 – 3pm
Explore the flourishing of Black art and literature in the 1920s and 1930s, and Dr. Barnes's connection to it.

The Barnes Method

Color in Painting

Mondays, March 6 – March 27, 6 – 8pm
Looking at Barnes collection paintings, learn how artists throughout history have used color to convey form and meaning.

Art in Context

Photography and Painting

Mondays, April 3 – April 24, 1 – 3pm
Explore how painting was irrevocably changed by invention of photography.

Art in Context

African Photography: The Art of Writing with Light

Fridays, April 14 – May 5, 12 – 2pm
Survey the history of photography in Africa from the 1840s to today.