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Matisse and Renoir in a New Light

On-Site / Exhibition-Related

Tuesday, August 6, 10am – 4pm


Albert C. Barnes in front of Matisse’s The Music Lesson (detail), c. 1946. Photograph by Angelo Pinto, courtesy of the Pinto family. Photograph Collection, Barnes Foundation Archives, Philadelphia

$180; members $162
(one-day workshop)

About the Class

Celebrate our summer exhibition, Matisse & Renoir: New Encounters at the Barnes, with this one-day workshop held directly in front of the collection’s most iconic paintings. Join us in the Roberts Gallery as we look closely at large-scale works like Mussel-Fishers at Berneval, The Joy of Life, and The Music Lesson, literally in a new light.

Why was Albert Barnes so obsessed with these artists—Renoir in particular? Who else was collecting Matisse in the 1910s, ’20s, and ’30s? How did Dr. Barnes and Violette de Mazia incorporate Matisse and Renoir into their teachings? Exclusive access to original archival documents during this workshop will help illuminate the story.

This workshop is also offered on Wednesday, July 10.

Capacity: 45

Barnes classes will:

  • Sharpen your observational and critical thinking skills.
  • Improve your ability to communicate about art.
  • Deepen your appreciation for cultures and histories outside your own.

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Rob Jagiela

Jagiela is an assistant archivist at the Barnes, where he works to increase access to archival materials through digital projects and exhibitions. He earned his BA and MA in English from Temple University, where his research focused on using digital humanities methods to open new avenues of inquiry into 20th-century North American poetry and prose. Jagiela also holds a Master of Information degree from Rutgers University, specializing in archives and preservation.

Kaelin Jewell

Jewell is a senior instructor in adult education at the Barnes. She holds a PhD in late Roman and early medieval art history from Temple University and has worked as a field archeologist. In addition to her work at the Barnes, Jewell is the art historian for an underwater archaeology project near the Sicilian town of Marzamemi.

Martha Lucy

Lucy is the deputy director for research, interpretation and education at the Barnes. As an art historian, she specializes in modern European art and visual culture. She is the coauthor of Renoir in the Barnes Foundation and has published articles and essays on topics ranging from the early charcoals of Odilon Redon to contemporary installation art.

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