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Thursdays, October 6 – November 3, 3 – 5pm

#Seeing the Barnes

Lopo Homem (with Pedro and Jorge Reinel, Antonio de Holonda). Miller's Nautical Atlas of the World, 1519. Sheet 5 r°: South-West Atlantic Ocean with Brazil (detail). Department of Maps and Plans, National Library of France

$220; members $198
(4 classes; no class October 20)

About the Class

The numerous modes of Latin American art have been formed from the historical confluence of Indigenous, European, African, and Asian cultural traditions—each one impacting the others. This course provides a broad introduction to the art, architecture, and visual culture of Latin America, from the late 15th to early 19th century, with a focus on Mexico and Brazil. We will explore topics such as the intersection of religious and political iconography, miraculous images, mission architecture, portability of materials, and theories of art making.

The class is online-only. More about online classes.


David Kim

Kim is associate professor of the history of art at the University of Pennsylvania. He teaches Southern Renaissance art, focusing on art literature, transcultural exchange, and material culture. His book The Traveling Artist in the Italian Renaissance was published in 2014, and his current research focuses on groundwork in Renaissance painting as well as 20th-century translations of Vasari’s Lives.

Art In Context

Art in Context courses connect works of art to history: What was happening politically, socially, and culturally at the time a piece was made? How did these circumstances shape the artist’s formal choices?